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Locally produced kids TV series debuts on WRAL

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Legendary WRAL anchor Charlie Gaddy makes his television acting debut tomorrow in the locally produced "The Rusty Bucket Kids" television series.

"The Rusty Bucket Kids" is an educational  entertainment program about two kids who travel back in history on a train called Steamy (The New Hope Valley Railway Steam Locomotive No. 17 and Caboose No. 308) and visit famous people of American history, who are still in their teenage years. 

The kids are played by Roxanna Demers (Roxanna Peakssen) and JohnColeman Demers (JohnColeman Peakssen). The show's creator, John Demers, who also happens to be their father, describes the show as "'Back to the Future' meets The History Channel."

"Rusty Bucket Kids" had a screening in Apex back in November. The show is produced in Apex, and the town also serves as the setting (the town in the show is called Peak City).

In the pilot episode, Scott Andrew Taylor stars as a young Abraham Lincoln, who struggles with his education when he has to forego school to help his family with work. Gaddy stars as as Grandpa Peakssen, and WRAL personality Mark Roberts is Town Manager of Peak City, Nate Weaver.

Look for cameo roles from Claudio Oswald Niedworok, a critically-acclaimed local storyteller; J.C. Knowles, a North Carolina historian; and Keith Weatherly, the Mayor of Apex.

"Rusty Bucket Kids" is written and directed by Kevin Robert McDermott based on the story created by Demers.

The pilot will air at noon on Saturday on WRAL. 

The show also has a booth this weekend at the CoolKidz Expo (I'm guessing that "z"  is what makes them cool? Sigh.), taking place Saturday and Sunday at the Raleigh Convention Center. Some of the cast members will be there with the Rusty Bucket Truck. 

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