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Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston talk relationships, Miley, and Palins

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Comedian Kathy Griffin filled in for Larry King last night on CNN's "Larry King Live," and one of the people she picked to interview was Bristol Palin's ex, Levi Johnston. Johnston, coincidentally, had been Griffin's date the night before at the Teen Choice Awards.

Griffin's shtick throughout most of the interview revolved around her "serious relationship" with Johnston, who is 19 years old. When she joked about waking up in his arms and staring into his "chocolate eyes," and about their future life together in Wasilla, Johnston gamely played along, usually with a grin and very short answers. But even in his good mood, Johnston did manage to get in a quick Palin dig later in the interview...

With questions aimed at embarrassing him ("Do you have any scars from last night?" "Could you take your clothes off real quick?"), Johnston was a good sport and answered them all ("I might have a few, yeah." "You might want to turn the cameras off.").

A funny moment came as Griffin described Miley Cyrus's act from the previous night's award show, and Johnston's reaction to it. Griffin said Miley came out on a "trailer" set wearing hot pants and was "grinding," and then did a number on a stripper pole. At this point, Griffin said Johnston looked at her and said "Isn't she 16?!" 

"It was inappropriate for the Teen Awards," Johnston added.

Griffin also said a Miley fan gave her a letter for Miley, thinking Griffin knew her, so Griffin had Johnston read the letter on air to the teen star. When he stumbled over the first few sentences, Griffin said, "Levi, please tell me you can read." It was the handwriting that tripped him up, we assume.

On the subject of the Palins, Griffin noted that Johnston and Bristol are "still in contact and still getting along to a degree," and then asked Johnston why Sarah Palin doesn't move him into the house so he can help Bristol raise their son Tripp. "Om, I don't know. She screwed all that up. I'm not really looking forward to being around that family anymore." 

That's not gonna help.

You can watch the entire interview with Levi Johnston, if you like. It's definitely one of the most entertaining segments ever shown on "Larry King Live."

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