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Jon Stewart asks, "How can you turn against Opie's pa?!" (VIDEO)

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"The Daily Show" loves to make fun of South Carolina, but last night Jon Stewart turned his eye North to the "marginally saner Carolina" (his words, not mine!). 

Stewart tackled AndyGate. You know what we're talking about. How the world has turned against poor old Andy Griffith because he made a commercial supporting health care reform. In the segment titled "Mayberry, WTF," a stunned Stewart asks, "How do you turn against Opie's pa? Matlock! He's a Presidential Medal of Freedom winner. What happened, North Carolina, did Griffith wipe his [behind] on one of Dean Smith's old jackets?" 

Stewart also shows a clip of Fox News host Bill O'Reilly chastising correspondent Megyn Kelly for not knowing that "Thelma" was "Andy's squeeze" (O'Reilly then makes some bad gay jokes about Andy and Barney). So then Jon Stewart calls out O'Reilly because AS WE ALL KNOW, Thelma Lou was Barney's girlfriend and Helen Crump was Andy's. So there, Fox News. 

The segment is hilarious. Watch below. (If the player below doesn't work, click here).

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It appears too many people

It appears too many people are getting their "news" from Fox.  I see the word "socialist" here. A sure tipoff as to where they get their "facts"

To: GetSerious

How about only the ones awarded to folks who advocate turning our Great Republic into a Socialist Country. This would seem to be contrary to what the Medal of Freedom stands for.

Our Great Republic...

... is not so great anymore. We don't even come in 3rd. In fact, we're more of a laughing stock to the more civilized, educated parts of the world in all aspects of society:  research, education, crime, prison population, drug abuse, health care, STDs, pregnancy rates, mental illness, poverty...you name it. And for these things we can credit religion, the "god-appointed" idiot GWB, and people like you who choose to remain blissfully, willfully ignorant while demanding you "want your country back". This level of intellectual fraud is staggering.

I bet he's a Muslim, too.

There's polling numbers on Andy Griffith? Why? What's he running for? Better check his birth certificate!

Celeb's should stay out of politics

I refuse to watch or buy any celeb who comes out of the closet as a big lib. The door swings both ways. Even for conservatives.

If you wnat to sell yourself to the public, don't metion your political beliefs. You will lose part of your customer base.

Opie is a big lib. But he does not say it. So I go to his movies.

What it WAS, was socialism ...

Andy's been used by the party of SLAVERY...

Lies?! Or is it just Andy's opinion...

re: "It's sad when you discover that one you held in high esteem will sell out for Politics. George W. needs to take back the Medal of Freedom."

Well, there's always the chance that Griffith believes the healthcare legislation is good. And if you're going to demand a retraction of a Medal of Freedom because the recipient suddenly doesn't fit your ideological mold, then let's stop awarding them altogether, what'd'you say?

When Andy lied to us once the second shouldn't surprise.

When Andy told us what a statesman Jim Hunt was we shouldn't be surprised when he blatantly lies to us about how great "Healthcare" will be. With this behavior he may have been sneaking around with Thelma Lou behind Barney's back. It's sad when you discover that one you held in high esteem will sell out for Politics. George W. needs to take back the Medal of Freedom.

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