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With consecutive trips to the bottom two for our guy Anoop Desai, we thought he needed some help. So we asked our guest bloggers to weigh in on this week's theme "Songs of the Cinema," and to figure out how Anoop can improve his lot. A get-out-the-vote, campaign slogan, perhaps?

Lenni Gutafson: Since we want our man, Anoop, in the top 3 this week, I have chosen a song that ranks very high on the "best of" lists for movie songs, "In Your Eyes" from "Say Anything". He can do this - he will be great. I am willing it so.

For Allison, it's got to be "Lady Marmalade" from "Moulin Rouge". She's got the right color hair (brassy red) and certainly the right wardrobe (just plain brassy). This could become a signature song for her.

Thought it was time for Danny to bring out his Buddy Holly this week. So, I've made the brave choice of "Peggy Sue" from the "Buddy Holly Story". This gives him a chance to really work those glasses.

Kris reminds me of a lot of the frat boys I knew way, way back in my youth. Therefore, he must do "Shout" from "Animal House". Just hope he wears a toga.

My girl, Lil, has to have the best week of her AI life. She will do "Ain't Nobody" from "Bringin' Down the House" and, she will.

For cute Matt, an equally cute song, "Rainbow Connection" from "The Muppet Movie". Miss Piggy will be all over him.

Since this is Quentin Tarantino's week, there is only one AI finalist who I would select to do a song from one of QT's truly weird and bizarre movies. That is Adam and I can't wait to hear his version of "You Never Can Tell" from "Pulp Fiction." Adam may well bring a whole new meaning to the unforgettable twist contest scene.

Anoop campaign slogan thoughts? How's about "Vote for the Tarheel Troubadour" and/or "We Believe in the Acappella Fella." Unfortunately, "Yes We Can" and "The Audacity of Hope" have already been taken.

Chloe Paterson:

Anoop - "When You Love Someone," Bryan Adams, from "Hope Floats"; It would be best for him to sing an unplugged version and focus on the vocals. There are many songs that he could sing well, but they're risky and the arrangement could be perfect or just not work for his voice...

Lil - "Last Dance", Donna Summer, from "Charlie's Angels"; Just don't sing "My Heart Will Go On". Please. (Editor's note: "Last Dance" is originally from 'Thank God It's Friday," a film to old for Chloe to be familiar with. Sigh.)

Allison - "Total Eclipse Of The Heart", Bonnie Tyler, from "Old School"; She sang this for a competition before 'Idol' and won, maybe it will be a repeat...

Adam - "Bohemian Rhapsody", Queen, from "Wayne's World"; It was his audition song, but if he sings it with the band he'll be able to do more with it and it has the potential to be the best Queen performance ever on 'Idol'.

Kris - "Mrs. Robinson", Simon & Garfunkel, from "The Graduate"; It should be stripped down and maybe a little slower than the original as well. The problem with this song is that it could be a train wreck - but it could also be amazing.

Matt - "Your Song", Alessandro Safina (originally by Elton John), from "Moulin Rouge"; It can't be exactly like the original version, but he might be able to make it more contemporary without changing the classic song too much.

Danny - "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)", Phil Collins, from "Against All Odds"; The tone fits Danny's voice perfectly and hopefully he can make it sound more original and less corny than the other contestants' performances would be (someone always sings this song). If it is perfect, though, it has the potential to be an amazing performance. I'd rather that he sing "Iris", by the Goo Goo Dolls, but I'm not sure it fits his voice and style as well...

Support Our 'Noop (going along with the political theme - his parents made buttons that look like the Obama "vote" posters)
Vote For A'noo' Star

Amber Wynn: To be sure the one contestant that doesn't need any guidance in this area is Adam Lambert. He could sing the Alphabet Song and it would be the most dramatic thing you've ever seen. I sure hope Lil Rounds can find it inside herself to be cinematic because I'm pretty sure the only emotion she knows how to portray is boring. But since she can sing under the pitch as much as she likes all the live-long day and still never be in the bottom three she probably doesn't have to do much to impress the voters. Poor Anoop really did not deserve to be standing next to Scott last week. Whatever he chooses this week; he has got to make everyone swoon with those velvet vocals.

Aaron Peck: I guess the most obvious one would be My Heart Will Go On from Titanic. But I really can't see Lil or Allison doing that one. I'd like to hear someone's take on Over the Rainbow, but they may shy away from that since Katherine McPhee made her version so popular a few years ago. I'll bet no one will think to do The Power of Love from Back to the Future. You just don't hear enough Huey Lewis and the News covers these days. I could see Kris doing a Jason Mraz-style Rainbow Connection. Do the AI folks have the rights to do Disney songs? 'Cause that would open up a door to all kinds of music. Let's hear some Hakuna Matata or a Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. Probably not though. For Anoop, though, I think he could put some heart into Casablanca's As Time Goes By. It will be interesting to see what he actually picks, knowing that there are so many songs to choose from and so many ways to go.

As for our hometown boy's stint in the bottom three last week, we're getting to the point in the competition where everyone left has the potential to go far. I think that if Anoop wants to get more votes, he just needs to stay consistent with his performances. If he can keep doing as well as he did last week, he should still be okay for awhile. The trouble is, by now, people have chosen who they like and who they want to win. So hopefully he can win some folks over this week. The vote between he and Scott was pretty close, so maybe he could win over all the people that were voting for Scott. Seems like that could nearly double his numbers.

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