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Former WRAL Traffic Guy Goes Hollywood

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By way of Wilmington.

That's where Mark Roberts earned his SAG card for a scene in episode 5 of HBO's "Eastbound & Down" the show created and written by former NC School of the Arts students.

It's a small role (but are there any small roles?) yet Roberts was good enough, he says, to beat a guy with an ascot for the part. Roberts plays a starter at a triathalon (he gets to shoot a starter pistol), he has a bright blue megaphone and he bellows "Contestants, it's time to take your starting positions. On your mark, get set ...."

Roberts recreated this scene for me and trust me, he's brilliant.

HBO re-airs the episode tonight at 9.


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Mark Roberts reminds me of

Mark Roberts reminds me of an energetic and dynamic instructor I had long ago. So I dig the man's act big time. It struck me that so many people are predictably boring and unmemorable, but the instructor taught me to inject a dynamic action into the most mundane of phases. It was one of the few "wide awake" classes I remember and I'm glad Mark Roberts has the talent. it's unusual, but beats the droning blah, blah, blah of the typically forgetables.

Try to pull-off telling someone that you "beat a guy with an ascot"  and see how hard that is to do gracefully. Then imagine Mark Roberts doing it and it appears natural and oddly entertaining.

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