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"Empire Girls: Julissa & Adrienne": It's about them, not Rob Kardashian

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I've watched a lot of reality shows in service to Happiness and I'm not complaining. But sometimes I do get weary.

Watching "Empire Girls: Julissa & Adrienne" (9 tonight, Style Network) produced one of those wearying times. Really, it's not worthy of review, but I watched it and I've got to make that hour have some worth.

Julissa Bermudez & Adrienne Bailon are looking for their big breaks in entertainment. Julissa specializes in hosting; she was a host on BET's popular evening show "106 & Park"; Adrienne was in the group 3LW, which morphed into the Disney-centric girl group Cheetah Girls.

More importantly, Adrienne dated Rob Kardashian. That's important to know because it becomes a centerpiece of the first episode in which Adrienne complains that no one recognizes her singing/acting/dancing talent because they only know her as Rob Kardashian's girlfriend and she's sick of that. She's so sick of it that when she's supposed to be rehearsing choreography for her new boss Ne-Yo, who's given her a second chance at the big time, she can't focus because her Twitter feed is going crazy because the episode when she tattooed Rob Kardashian's name on her booty has re-aired and now everyone keeps associating her with Rob Kardashian. And she's so sick of being associated with Rob Kardashian that another segment of the show features her getting the tattoo of Rob Kardashian's name removed. Listen people: DO NOT CONNECT ADRIENNE WITH ROB KARDASHIAN!

Here are the two mildly good things about the show. 1) They are both Latinas which I suppose is nice for young Latinas to see. And heritage becomes an issue when Julissa is told her accent is a problem in her quest to become the Latina Tyra Banks. 2) They are strivers; in the first episode Julissa is living at home in Queens with her typical Dominican family. Adrienne (great name by the way) has her own place, but it's not luxe.

Notice that I didn't say the stars were the two good things about the show. Neither girl is horrid but they aren't all that interesting either. Or at least the show isn't.

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