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Dancing with the Stars: Don't take any nickels from Michael Irvin

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Once again, the WarmTV bloggers elected (begged) my mom to be our Dancing with the Stars correspondent. After each show, she calls me with her report...

All aboard the Crazy Train! Last night's "Dancing with the Stars" had some bizarre moments: Some of the dancers were sick (Mark and Derek), and some of them just did some sick things (yes, Michael Irvin, we're looking at you.). Maks returned and almost fell, and Kelly Osbourne's Paso Doble was a nice tribute to her dad, who was in the audience and looking good.

Read on for the recap and predictions for tonight's elimination. 

"Natalie and Alec did the Paso Doble. I liked it, I thought she did a good job. Of course he was good, too. They got a 22. I still like her a lot. She might not be the best dancer, but I like her.

"Aaron and Karina danced the Argentine Tango. He did much better this week. His footwork was really good and the judges all liked it. He was so excited to do well again. He got a 24. He started out so great and then he went downhill. But he did better last night -- and he was dressed better.

"Michael Irvin and Anna danced the Paso Doble. When they were in rehearsal she told him his posture wasn't good and that he needed to act like he had a coin in his butt to make him straighter. So he put a nickel in his butt. It was gross. That makes me not like him again. But as far as the dance, he did much better than before, and he got a 21.

"Mya and Dmitry danced the Argentine Tango. She was very, very good. She looked like a professional! She got a 27. They also went to Habitat for Humanity and hammered a few nails.

"Mark and Lacey
danced the Paso Doble. He was good. She had a little trouble making his hand and arm movements look masculine. He tends to be a little feminine when he moves his hands, but he did a very good job and got a 26. He tries. He tries hard.

"Donny Osmond and Kym did the Argentine Tango. Len said it was his best dance. And it was great. All the judges went crazy. He got two 10s and a 9, so he got a 29 out of 30. He was so excited! I don't think Marie ever did that well (score). But it was very good. His partner was so shocked and excited, and said she dreaded that dance because she didn't think they would do as well on this one.

"Louis and Chelsea
did the Argentine Tango. They have a lot of chemistry together, so that part was really good. But ... he doesn't dance, he steps. And the judges commented on that too. He really is not a dancer. But he still got a 22.

"Melissa Joan Hart and Mark danced the Argentine Tango. Mark had the flu and didn't feel well all week so they didn't get as much practice time in. She wasn't as good as last week, because last week she was great. She stumbled some, and when she stumbles she loses her concentration, Len said. They got a 23.

"Kelly Osbourne and Louis
did the Paso Doble. They danced to one of her daddy's songs (Ozzy Osbourne). I don't know which one because I don't know his music [it was "Crazy Train" -- here's a video of the dance]. Ozzy was there and he looked kind of normal. They got a 24 even though she messed up several times." [This article says she was taken to the hospital after the show because of an injured foot.]

"Joanna Krupa and Maks were next. Derek had the flu and he had it bad. So Maks practiced with her all week and danced with her on the show. I don't know whose fault it was, I think it was something she did, but he stumbled and almost fell down. It was a bad and very obvious mistake. I can't quite figure it out but she must have misstepped and tripped him up. Of course the judges were all over that. She was very apologetic. They got a 24.

"Then they all did a group dance -- the Hustle. The best part of it was the wigs the men had on. They were a sight. Some of them were in their element, but then there were a few of the younger ones who didn't know what the Hustle was. Donny was very good at it. Mark's daddy Corky choreographed it. They got critiqued on that dance, but didn't get scores.

"I think either Michael or Louis need to go next. I'll go with Louis, maybe. That's who should go, anyway."

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