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Clay Aiken will guest host on "The View"

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I know this will somehow be interpreted as me making fun of Clay, but I'm willing to take the heat from Claymates so you people can know what's going on: our favorite red-headed "American Idol" finalist is co-hosting "The View" this week.

Clay will fill the guest host spot on Tuesday's show. Bret Michaels is scheduled to perform, so I'm not sure if that means Clay won't sing.

Also on "The View" this week, Barbara Walters makes her first appearance on the show since her heart valve surgery. Walters will appear via Skype on Monday's show.

"The View" airs weekdays on WTVD at 11am.


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I'm about to think most "law-yers" are sleezebags......it's that "if you can't beat em, join em" thing, I guess...money's just too darn good apparently, whether it's "good money" or "bad money."

Clay Aiken on The View

I'm anxious to see Clay on "The View" tomorrow.  He has always been a great guest on that show, so I know he will be a great co-host.  I just hope he can get a word in edgewise with those ladies!  LOL  I think it's going to be fun and I'm looking forward to it.  Thanks for the reminder! 

Clay on the View

I'm really looking forward to it.  Should be a fun show.  Thank you for letting us know :)



Clay Aiken

I think Clay Aiken will make a wonderful co-host. He's intelligent, articulate and funny as heck.  Hope he can get a word in edgewise with all those women.   Looking forward to watching.


Clay is a very intelligent man. He should be a delightful co host. I'll be watching. Thanks.

Should do fine ....

Not likely that any questions about WCPSS will come up so Clay should do just fine.

When he sticks to entertaining he is a credit to our community.

Clay Aiken and The View

This is very exciting.  Thanks for the information.  This will be a fun show.

Clay Aiken The View

I'm anxious to see Clay hosting and know he will be funny and articulate. I will be watching and I don't think you were making fun of him??? Confused???

About Clay

Last time I posted something about Clay being on a show (Good Morning America, I think), someone lectured me about my negative attitude toward Clay and my disdain for him, which she claimed was well known across the United States. I think it was all based on the fact that I used the word Claymates, but I'm not sure. I was also confused by the whole thing.

Clay & The View

This should be a lot of fun.  Thanks for the information

Thanks for the heads up. 

Thanks for the heads up.  This should be a fun episode to watch - Clay can be as funny as Joy and Sherry usually are. 

Clay Aiken

Brooke.........thank you for the information about Clay Aiken and his chance to co-host on The View.  I look forward to watching on Tuesday,  I think that Clay will add a lot to the show.

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