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Apex Woman Tries to Be a 'Millionaire'

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Apex's Tracy Zothner tries her luck and tests her trivia know-how on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire," on shows that air Tuesday and Wednesday. It comes on WTVD at 12:30 p.m.

"I've always enjoyed the show, especially when Regis [Philbin] was on," says Zothner. "I've tried to get on every since then. I've always enjoyed trivia games. I have a lot of useless information in my head."

She says she took the test twice, but didn't make it through to the contestant pool until after a Charlotte tryout. She filmed her episodes last October a few days before Halloween.

Zothner, with her husband Eric, is a mother of two children, Kristie, 16, and Matt, 13. She works in marketing and communications, but when she taped her 'Millionaire' appearances she'd been out of a job for almost a year. In fact, she says, she a lot of the contestants she met at the show were aiming to pay off bills or help family members. "That was right when the economy was going bad," she says.

The family held a fund-raiser car wash to travel to the 'Millionaire' audition, raising $50 to help out a little. Zothner's sister Cathy went with her to New York and sat in the audience as her on-air companion.

She and her husband owned the Apex Brewing Company, but, she says, problems with the distributor caused them to close the business. With a big win on "Millionaire" they could reopen the business, as well as alleviate some of their financial stress, pay some bills, and fund college.

"I went in thinking any money I win would be great," she says. "My goal was $25,000, but I wanted to have fun, no matter what."

Zothner is an Apex native and graduated from Apex High School in 1983; her mom JoAnne Sherwin lives in Cary.

Will Zothner make her $25,000 mark? We'll let you know how she did on the show after the Wednesday episode.

(Photo courtesy of Valleycrest Produtions Ltd.)



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