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12 gross things about the Rielle Hunter interview on '20/20'

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Here are 12 gross things about tonight's Rielle Hunter interview about her relationship with John Edwards (apart from the fact that it happened). Hunter was interviewed for ABC's "20/20" by Chris Cuomo. Some of it's new, some of it's not. All of it is gross.

-The sex tape was made on a "poverty trip" to Uganda.

-The way Hunter would take swipes at Elizabeth Edwards and follow with "And I'm not saying that to bash Elizabeth" or "I'm not trying to be mean about Elizabeth."

-That Hunter excused all of Edwards' bad behavior by blaming his actions on Elizabeth.

-That Hunter called his campaign after Elizabeth's second diagnosis, "The Cancer Has Returned Campaign Tour."

-That Hunter believes a lot of people will "get" why she thinks it's okay to trash the deceased Elizabeth in her new book.

-That during their affair, Hunter and John Edwards would talk on the phone for hours and he would tell her that his marriage had been "a sham for years."

-The creepy, skeevy way Rielle described her draw to Edwards: "There is something that happens between us that is indescribable and it is a mystery."

-That when she first met him she felt she could help him "merge" the public image with the man she saw.

-That Edwards called her fewer than 24 hours after their first "merger" and said he missed her "bad."

-That Hunter and Edwards never used birth control.

-That according to Hunter, Edwards once had her bump into him and his two small children at a mall, where she posed as a random shopper so she could meet the children.

-That when Edwards learned Hunter was pregnant his response was, "Gracious."

Here's a more complete story about the interview by Anne Blythe, who covered the John Edwards federal trial for The N&O.


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Great synopsis. I didn't watch and recommend not buying a book by a kook. "Johnny" may still sleep with her but can't marry her. Biology made her a parent but she's unfit to be a stepmother. 

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