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Carole Tanzer Miller, Features editor, writes: Dr. Andrew Ordon, co-host of the syndicated TV show “The Doctors,” has a new book out, “Better in 7: The Ultimate Seven-Day Guide to a Better You.” It includes tips for avoiding the bumps and lumps of cellulite. In a piece for McClatchy-Tribune Information Services, the good doctor outlines them. Check it out:
“If you want to lose cellulite, here are seven things to avoid:
Drinking alcohol: Alcohol dehydrates the body and destroys B vitamins, which keep your skin elastic and smooth.
Smoking: This worst-of-all bad habit interferes with the body’s use of vitamin C. You need vitamin C to make skin-strenghtening collagen and to keep your body cellulite-resistant.
Salting foods: Salt causes water retention and makes your skin look puffy.
Eating processed foods: Highly refined foods are loaded with salt and sugar – two additives that (exacerbate) cellulite.
Yo-yo dieting: Going off and on diets promotes development of cellulite. Women who repeatedly yo-yo diet tend to have higher deposits of fat on their hips and buttocks than those who keep their weight fairly stable.
Sunbathing: Repeated exposure to sun increases the activity of tissue-damaging free radicals. Free-radical damage promotes the formation of an abnormal type of collagen – one that is quite inelastic. Your skin gets looser and less elastic, and cellulite becomes more obvious.
Not exercising regularly: Women who don’t exercise tend to be heavier, with more cellulite, than women who workout regularly.”

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