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My weight loss tool: my hatred of high heels

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Andrea Weigl, new mom and food writer, is chronicling losing her pregnancy weight:

A co-worker heard the clack-clack of my high heels the other day and asked me about them. You see I don't normally wear high heels. I love my flats and being comfortable. Right now, they are part of my weight loss plan. When I had to buy three new pairs of pants for work after having my daughter, I had them all hemmed so I have to wear high heels.

My reasoning: my sore feet would encourage me to lose the pregnancy weight faster.

I don't know how much it is helping. I'm stuck in this zone between156 to 158 pounds and have been since I returned to work in January. I want to get to 150 pounds, which is what I weighed before I got pregnant. I will use any trick I can to reach my goal.

What are your unique, sort-of-strange weight loss strategies?


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I got many great ideas for fat burning and weight losing. I think exercise and diet food both are the most important tools for weight loss and fat burning. I think with these tools it is good to have a personal trainer to motivate for workout.

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Don't forget to exercise!

Don't forget to exercise!


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Well if you want to loss weight the start running and morning exercise.It will very help for you to reduce weight.

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To lose weight break meals in small frequent meals and prefer raw food over processed food. Drink more water than routine, have green tea and avoid flavored juices. Exercise regularly as it will burn your fat, boost metabolism and lose weight.

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What are some exercises i can do to lose weight quickly?


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how can flats can promote weight loss.

I am confused

I am confused how to lose weight fast when I was in 95 KG. But I am surprised to use the tools you suggest here. Really I totally impressed now to read a bit about it. Thank you so much discuss pretty sounds!

Andrea, ditch the heels & get comfy shoes. Then eat plants.

Oh, my feet and heart ache for you! But wearing heels just keeps you from exercising, which will up your metabolism and burn calories. It's much more pleasant to wear walking shoes, enjoy walks in our beautiful spring weather, and then eat as much wonderful whole plant-based foods as you want.

It doesn't have to take a lot of time! Whip out your slow cooker and make my or Cuban Black Beans. Make a big pot of brown rice. Use bagged salad if you want, then have Sweet Sixteen Oatmeal-Raisin Bars for dessert. (They take just 16 minutes to make and will satisfy your sweet tooth. You're the one who inspired me to start baking bars instead of cookies. See CookforGood.com for recipes.

Add as many bananas, apples, and vegetables as you want. Use frozen peas and and greens to save time.

Put your feet up and watch Forks Over Knivesto see how easy and delicious it can be to lose weight and get healthy.

High heels

What a unique way to change the scales!

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