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Kicking the unhealthy snacks

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Ashley Suarez-Ortiz, News Clerk, writes: First I wanted to take the chance to apologize for my lack of posting recently. Things have been quite hectic lately. I am going to try to do better. That being said, I have realized my problem when it comes to losing the baby weight, I so desperately want to lose.

My main problem is that when I get bored, I start snacking and most of the time on something that is not so good for me.... and its not that I don't buy healthy ones because I do. And if I am in the right mind, I try to force myself to eat some. 
One thing I do love... vegetables. But lately, I have been slacking in making sure I eat them. So I guess, the best thing for me to do now it to make sure that I not only eat vegetables but that I eat enough to cover my lack of fruit eating.
Another problem I have is the amount of soda I drink. This is another thing I need to work on lowering that because that causes a whole set of its own problems.
I guess that is the first part of solving the problem, is coming to terms with what it is, not I saw have to do something to fix. 
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Low fat cooking

New to this blog but anxious to have more information, especially on healthy/low fat cooking.

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