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Coach says: 'Time for a blitz'

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I set out a five-point plan last week for getting back to my comfort zone (135-140). I'm following it faithfully but not quite there yet.

So come Sunday, I'll be following the advice of my health coach and doing a one-week "blitz" on Take Shape for Life. That means eating five meal replacements and one "lean and green" meal each day for a week, to burn off the excess lard. If experience serves, that should be all it takes to bring my weight back into line, and Coach Charity Husk says the timing is important.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's loom, and along with them, the threat of added pounds that don't disappear -- on top of the extra pound or two I'm already battling.

The Cleveland Clinic has a tips sheet with "8 Steps to Surviving Holiday Weight Gain" with good strategies for the upcoming party season. One tip that caught my eye was to aim for seven servings of fruit and vegetables every day; they fill you up with fewer calories. I've been struggling to get in five most days. Now, I'll shoot for two more.

So here's to the Blitz. It begins Oct. 30.


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