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Amazon Fire: No iPad killer, maybe a Nook Color killer

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iPad killer headlines get readers, but let's get this out of the way first thing. Amazon's $199 Fire tablet is hardly comparable to the iPad, and this a good thing.

We shouldn't want an iPad clone with support that mimics Apple unless someone figures out how to beat Apple at the game it created

The Fire will appeal to a different market. It is the Nook Color's niche. While the Fire's dual-core processor looks to trump its rival tablet from Barnes & Noble, remember that refreshed Nook Color is due. Part of the success of the Nook Color is credited to its popularity with advanced users who load versions of Android that free the tablet from Barnes & Noble's playpen. If the Nook Color's successor closes that accessibility, it could make it vulnerable to an Amazon attack.

What to like, not to like:

+ Stripped down to the essentials allows for a modest $199 price.
+ Smaller size may appeal to some.
+ Amazon integration should offer seamless experience with its media content.

- $199 price means modest storage, no SD card slot, no camera or Bluetooth.
- Smaller screen size may be a turn off for some.
- Amazon's ecosystem means 10,000 apps instead of 200,000 and a cloudy future for Android updates.

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