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Local tech entrepreneur makes his mark on CNN

So how did Raleigh tech entrepreneur Wayne Sutton end up being featured in a CNN documentary? With a little help from social media, of course.

After Sutton blogged his response to an article about venture capitalists lack of interest in investing in African-American Internet businesses, a Wall Street Journal reporter took notice, leading to a mention in that publication.  Sutton posted that piece; that link caught the eye of CNN.

That, in part, Sutton helped shape his destiny makes sense; it's the way he's approach his career as an online entrepreneur and technology journalist.

And that desire to make things happen also lies behind the formation of the NewMe Accelerator, the effort that attracted CNN and reporter Soledad O'Brien to make her fourth "Black in America" documentary, "The New Promised Land -- Silicon Valley" (CNN, Sunday, 8 p.m. & 11 p.m.).

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