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Sights & Sounds from Athens Drive vs Panther Creek

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In Friday's showdown between the Panther Creek and Athens Drive boys' basketball teams, a lot of things went on that won't make it into the game story anywhere. This is my way of sharing these items with you. I call it "Sights & Sounds." Enjoy.

Don't jump! Don't jump! Nooooooooo.... 

I would estimate Quentin Edmundson is just under six feet tall. Marques Oliver is right around 6-5. So why did Edmundson jump with Oliver when the latter was streaking down the court for a breakaway dunk? We may never know. But what we do know is Oliver, who had quite the head start on Edmundson, made the the shorter Edmundson, who picked up a foul on the play, pay with a posterizing slam. It was enough to make me jump out of my seat and go "ohhhhhhhhh! ohhhhhhh!" like those guys on the "And-1" series.

Hold on, you said what again?? 

 There are several ways to trash-talk these days. Almost none of them are original, and I get that. Those that are original are usually too vulgar to say very loudly, then again, if they're vulgar then they're not all that original anyway, but I digress.

So when the Panther Creek crowd started chanting "PAN-THER CRE-EK," after taking the lead in the third quarter, I wasn't surprised. And it wasn't shocking when the Athens Drive student section started chanting back "WE-CAN'T-HEAR-YOU." And I could've told you Panther Creek was going to answer with the "SCORE-BOARD, SCORE-BOARD" comeback.

But I could've never guessed what those Athens Drive students were going to say next. They had the temerity to start a "ATH-ENS FOOT-BALL" cheer.

Athens FOOTBALL? Really? Original, yes. Logical, no. I know I saw at least three football players on the frontline of the student section, but c'mon guys. Maybe you beat PC in football.

Whup-ti-do. In case you forgot, you went 4-8. It's not something I'd try to remind people of. Next time, chant "ATH-ENS GOL-F," O.K.? They're the ones who will be remembered 20 years from now when the banner is hanging in the gym.

Just like the lottery, you really don't have a chance

At halftime, several contestants got their shot at $500 (and only had to put in $2 to enter) if they could just hit two free throws, two lay-ups, a 3-pointer and a half-court shot.

Hard? Yes, but not impossible.

That is, until I saw how much time they give you — 21 seconds. Needless to say, only one contestant even got as far as to attempt a 3-pointer.

Maybe next time at Athens I'll enter that contest. But I'll make sure to shoot the 3-pointer first, and move closer in. If I can even get to the point where I can get off a half-court shot, I'll call it a success.

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J. Mike Blake has been the Sports Editor for The Cary News and Southwest Wake News since October 2008. He holds two "unofficial" NCHSAA records in two different sports - highest career free throw percentage (2-of-2) in basketball and fewest career singles victories (zero. sigh.) for tennis.