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Gottfried embracing rivalry with UNC

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Mark Gottfried’s two predecessors took opposite tacks in their approaches to N.C. State’s grudge match against North Carolina.

Herb Sendek downplayed the significance of the game, stressing it was only 1/16th of the ACC schedule. Sidney Lowe, meanwhile, wore a red blazer to signify how important he thought it was.

Gottfried said Monday that he doesn’t own any red blazers, but he nonetheless embraced the implications of Thursday's meeting between the Wolfpack and the Tar Heels at the Smith Center at 7 p.m. (ESPN).

“This is a proud basketball fanbase at N.C. State,” Gottfried said. “North Carolina has been terrific. Our people have hope that that’ll change at some point.”

The final part of Gottfried’s quote referred to the fact that North Carolina has dominated the series in recent years. The Wolfpack’s 4-1 start to the ACC season gives N.C. State fans hope the tide will turn in the near future.

Gottfried said his team started thinking about the game against UNC on the flight home from Miami, where N.C. State beat the Hurricanes 78-73 on Sunday.

That victory moved the Wolfpack into a tie for the ACC lead with Duke and Florida State.

“Although we’ve had a couple of nice wins, we’re a long, long way from where want to be,” Gottfried said. “Our guys know that. We talk about that – we talk about where we want to go and our program and where we want to take it and where it’s been and what we have to do to get there.

“Winning is what breeds confidence. We have to win big games. That’s what changes your program.”


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Gottfried on David Glenn

I don't get into rivalry stuff too much.

Jack, coach gott may have not told you the truth ?

Speaking of DG

I'm surprised ol' Smokey Glenn hasn't accused Gottfried of cheating to get this upcoming recruiting class.

What makes you say that ?

If there is one guy who has no bias towards any team in the area it is DG.

He tells you like it is on UNC, Dook and state.

The one thing we can all agree on is UNC and Dook are really good on a consistent basis in baskets and state is not and has not been in a very, very long time.

Neither UNC, state or Dook is good in football and have not been for a very, very long time.

The only theme here is state not being very good at all. So, yes, when DG addresses the "state" of these programs there will be a tad more negativity towards state than the other two.

But he also acknowledges the good as well.

He can't say enough on the subject of Toby and how he's 5-0 against the Heels. He also can't say enough about Gottfried and the turnaround in baskets, but he's also aware they have not beaten anyone worth writing home about.

He's as grounded as anyone in the area when it comes to getting the pulse of our three teams. The 3-7 show ? Not so much.


The reason I made the first comment, is because DG has done it before...thus the name "Smokey" Glenn. 

He tried to say that Chuck the Chest was cheating to get recruits -- "where there's smoke, there's fire" was his direct quote -- and DG vowed to "get to the bottom of it".  Now he denies it all when confronted about it.  And to make things worse, when dirt is actually being dug up on UNC football, he all of a sudden wants to take the wait and see approach.  And I'm not so sure he used that same approach during the Duke Lacrosse scandal either.


Here's how I see it:

12-3pm  is for UNC fans,

3-7pm  is for State fans.


Preface: David Glenn is the sports editor of the ACC newspaper. He has an overwhelming amt of knowledge and depth of the baskets and football in the ACC. The guy knows more secrets about both than we know facts, I'm sure.

With that being said, why would he say that about the Chest if it weren't true ? How often does DG 'step out on a ledge' without the facts ? That's on ANY subject. After all, he has an investment he has to protect.

P.S. - My take:

***I don't recall DG accusing The Chest of cheating*** but if he did, I believe him. Just as if he would have accused BD of cheating. I would have believed that. The guy has as much credibility when it comes to the ACC as anyone else in the business. Period.

You guys are so caught up with the red blazer

Why are we not worried about the "A" he wears on the front of his shirt ? It certainly would be an issue if he coached at UNC.

for argument's sake

My guess is that the "A" issue was fully vetted prior to his hiring. It is clear that Gottfried was damaged goods after what happened in Alabama that led to his firing/resignation. My take is that he made mistakes and worked to correct them, both professionally and personally. Should he be denied the opportunity to move on? Not if he has reconciled with his family and answered all questions posed by his new employer.

Regarding UNC, apparently they draw the line at infidelity (or rumors thereof). Good to know that there is at least one standard of good behavior that they care about.


Phil Ford's wife and Jeff McInnis.

Let's just security has checked Ol' Roy for a BB gun before he takes the court and possibly sees any State fans.  

On the other hand

When Anson Dorrance had his problems, UNC handled that.....

Oh, wait. Never mind.

You guys are getting a little touchy

I like it !

You are right about the whole vetting process, but it's not out of bounds. Like it was stated above, Jeff McInnis was apparently screwing Phil Ford's wife. Do You think sleeping dogs laid around there ?! I didn't think so.

I knew

You did that on purpose.

Well played.

well put.

well put.

Nobody is worried about that

Nobody is worried about that because you just made it up.

Seriously !?

Keep believing that.

" It certainly would be an

" It certainly would be an issue if he coached at UNC."

That was my favorite part.  Thanks, I needed that!

Tunes changing

I see you've done a little research.

"it certainly would be an issue if he coached at UNC." Is that not a correct assertion on my part

yes, I totally initially

yes, I totally initially assumed you meant he actually wears a bama "a".  Which was funny due to the fact that roy wore jayhawk stickers as the coach of unc-ch.  

Once I realized you were referencing the rumors from a certain sportsradio host in bamaland who excersized his personal vendetta on the air... Your statement then became ironically hilarious due to the extreme amounts of rules violations that have been bred into the athletic system you have randomly chosen to support.


+1 for you, sir. Well stated.

Coach Gottfried had a red

Coach Gottfried had a red blazer at 'Bama. I expect he'll get one longer term to pull out from time to time but I agree that we need to go without the Red Blazer in this first road matchup.

Red Jacket

I'd like to see the red jacket on the sideline, though, it wouldn't bother me if Gottfried chooses not to go down that road.  It really has nothing to do with the actual game being played, so it's not that important.

The reason I would like it though, is that it would be a cool way to show some respect and appreciation for Lowe, Jimmy V, State's tradition, and lifelong fans.  I think it would be a great way for Gottfried to really win over a lot of State fans.

Don't get me wrong, the team's record is already doing a great job of winning over Pack fans, so Gotttfried really doesn't need to do anything gimmicky.  He was going to jump out of a plane though...


It would be nice to see it, but for some reason, I don't expect it to come out. The only thing better though would be a red blazer and red shoes, maybe some white sunglasses? haha

I'm just hoping UNC brings their A game. Anything less could spell trouble.

Just what we need

A combo Lowe-Amato outfit. You would have the poster child for good recruiting/poor results.


I am fine with acknowledging traditions, but only successful ones.


Fair enough JPD.  I understand your sentiment.


Saw him on the Utah Jazz bench when they played the Cavs a few weeks ago and immediately suffered an anxiety attack. When I calmed down several hours later, I realized that he was at least a thousand miles away from Raleigh. I like Sid, but I am glad he's no longer court side with the Pack.

Glad you're okay. Luckily

Glad you're okay.

Luckily for me, I never watch the NBA.

red blazer

So may not see it this game, but perhaps by the rematch? On the other hand, I would bet that in seeing this article, a booster would provide one by Thursday. It will just be a matter of whether he wears it or not. I would bet not for this first game. 

Please say NO to the red blazer!

Can we NOT do the red blazer? You don't have to wear a red blazer in order for everyone to know that the rivalry is important to you. Seeing our coach wearing a red blazer on the sideline is only going to remind me of Sidney Lowe's incompetence and I don't see the point in that. Coach Gottfried should just wear what he always wears to games. I'd rather have our coach focused on winning the game than dressing for it.


GottFather is a new NC State era coach, let him do his own thing.  He has done a fine job thus far with our program and I'm sure he will represent us very well in Thursday's game, red jacket or not.  GO PACK!!

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