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I can't get enough of sports on TV. You can't get enough of sports on TV. I like the occasional game on the radio. You like hearing a game on the radio. I'm nerdy enough to sit in silence following the balls (green dots), strikes (red dots) and batted balls in play (blue) on one of those gamecasts on my home computer. You're nerdy enough ... well, you may actually have a life.

And chances are, you know a heck of a lot more than I do about how or where to get sports on the air or online. So we need to talk.

State-of-the-art big screen? Don't have one. My television, a veritable stone-age model, is
a 32-incher, about 10 years old, (I know, I know. I'm looking.)

But as I've reported and written about issues such as the dispute between Time Warner Cable and MASN and fans' love-hate relationship with basketball analyst Billy Packer, I've discovered that many of you are hungry for both news and conversation about it.

Let's make a pact: I'll tell you what I know. You tell me what you know.

Flat panel vs. plasma? Cable vs. satellite? CBS' NFL coverage vs. Fox's vs. NBC's vs. ESPN's? If it's about how sports programming is delivered, it's open for discussion. If you have a question, I'll try
to get it answered. If you have a point of view or additional information, let me hear it.

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