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Tim Stevens, J. Mike Blake, Clay Best, Aaron Moody, and Elliott Warnock follow all the news for high school athletes from Wake, Orange, Durham, Chatham and Johnston Counties. 

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Crisp, Singer enroll at Athens Drive

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N.C. State football commitments Rob Crisp and Pete Singer enrolled at Athens Drive High on Monday.

The two former Chapel Hill High prospects had been practicing at Cedar Ridge High, but now are expected to join Coach Jeff Smouse's program at Athens.

"They would have enrolled on Friday, but our guidance department couldn't take them on Friday," Smouse said. "We're set to go now."

Crisp (6-foot-8, 300 pounds) is ranked as the top college prospect in the state and one of the top offensive line prospects in the country. Singer is a defensive back.

"Rob is the biggest player I've ever coached and one of the biggest I've ever seen," Smouse said. "Usually these 6-8 players are really a little over 6-5, but Rob is huge. Both of them seem to be nice guys."

Smouse said he believes the family will live near Lake Johnson in Raleigh, which is close to Athens Drive.

"Obviously, I'm excited to add two players of this quality," Smouse said. "I was talking with the coaches the other day, saying how much we needed another offensive lineman, then all of sudden one walks in.

"I don't pay any attention to the recruiting web sites so I didn't know anything about either one of these guys, but I understand they are both great players."

Neither player will be eligible to participate in Athens' scrimmage against Cardinal Gibbons and West Johnston on Friday, but both are expected to meet N.C. High School Athletic Association practice minimums before the first game at Sanderson on Aug. 21. 




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Will see how they perform

Will see how they perform.

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Glass Houses??

Maybe if the other kid sold drugs like Jared McAdoo the UNC'ers wouldn't have such a problem with this. Maybe McAdoo his old teammate was the bad influence?

Nice to see the Heels fans

Nice to see the Heels fans sweating this one....guess Coach Davis ran out of money to pay some more recruits...

these two sentences are the

these two sentences are the biggest load of crap I have ever heard in my life!

"I was talking with the coaches the other day, saying how much we needed another offensive lineman, then all of sudden one walks in."

"I don't pay any attention to the recruiting web sites so I didn't know anything about either one of these guys, but I understand they are both great players."

how can this coach actually say these things in public and expect people to believe it. He was better off not saying anything but, "I am glad to have received these two fine football players."

Did butch and company run out of funds

Sounds more like Butch and his assistants ran out of recruiting funds or either they could not run off any more kids and take their scholarships.

Santa will have to reload.

Did Butch let these guys get

Did Butch let these guys get away from UNC for a reason?

TO'B is not known for wasting time w/ thugaletes. ???

Glass Houses??

Maybe if the other kid sold drugs like Jared McAdoo the UNC'ers wouldn't have such a problem with this. Maybe McAdoo was the bad influence?

Apparently the first school

Apparently the first school they tried to transfer to, Cedar Ridge in Hillsborough, was going to make Singer sit out a couple of games because of his recent arrests on drinking and driving as well as drugs and weapons charges. I guess Wake County schools don't care about that sort of stuff.

NCHSAA? How about the NCAA.

NCHSAA? How about the NCAA. Aren't these two headed for State College, and how strange is it that this is the closest high school to State College? Hmmmm.

High School Coach is clueless? Hmmmm.

huh ???

Something ain't jivin' here. Two of the top players in the state show up to enroll in his school and the head coach knew nothing about it in advance ???

.... and these two players seem to be playing musical high schools changing schools every week .....

NCHSAA ..... be on alert!

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