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West Raleigh teams heading to Cal Ripken World Series

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The West Raleigh Baseball's Cal Ripken 10U and 12U teams got a big send-off on Wednesday evening as they prepared for the Cal Ripken World Series.

Alumni from the youth baseball organization turned out to help the Southeast Regional championship teams practice at the West Raleigh Exchange Club Park in advance of the 12U Cal Ripken World Series scheduled for Aug. 13-21 in Aberdeen, Md., and the 10U Cal Ripken World Series being played Aug. 13-20 in Winchester, Va.

West Raleigh won the 10U World Series two years ago, and about half the all-star players from the title team are on this year's 12U World Series entry, team spokesman Gary Feder said on Wednesday.

West Raleigh won the 12U regional title in Aiken, S.C., on Sunday, taking a 14-4 victory against powerful Florida team Oviedo in a game called after four innings because of the mercy rule. West Raleigh defeated Williamsburg, out of Virginia, 9-4 in the semifinals.

The 12U team will warm up for the World Series with a trip to Cooperstown (N.Y.) Dream Park for a week of tournament play.

In the 10U event at New Bern, West Raleigh's Cal Ripken 10U team defeated Naples, Fla., 5-1 in the semifinals and then won the title 4-0 over in-state rival and host Neuse All-Stars to advance the World Series.

- Teri Boggess

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West Raleigh baseball Association is the most uncaring organizat

After having had my son in this league for a number of years, it is deplorable how this association enables the coaches to violate every statement of sportsmanship, fair treatment, and selflesness that they claim to stand for. It doesn't matter how good a kid is, if he is not the coaches' son or a friend of the coach, he will get to play an inning a game if that even though he has earned at least equal playing time as the others.

Naturally with more playing time only certain players advance making thier all star teams and advancing more at the expense of the less political. If one day the kid is selected, playing time on the team is dominated by the coaches sons and thier friends sons by any where from 2 to 6 times as much playing time regardless of talent level with full support of the association. It is sad to see such talented kids get shafted because of the parents power hunger. Investment from the politicaly succesful and the "big business" succesful if you know what I mean work their way in in order to push there own kids forward to the Cal ripken team in hopes that they can brag about those players and teams. It is a system of the rich and powerful making a kids game that is suppossed to be about the kids all about the parents. It is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen.

The kids, parents and coaches are known throughout travel ball as the West Raleigh Cry-babies because they are used to getting what they want. It is a bad spirit there througout that you may not notice at first at the youngest level but you will see very soon that this is where it all starts and once those parents who are able to get there foothold onto the all star team, it is not going to happen that they might be removed them from there until they are too old to play there. Unless you are one of the spoiled rotten, you will be one of the used and abused. The coaches and directors are slick and able to say all the right things while ignoring the sins of their ways. Everything centers around the all-star teams there and the whole program is geared to feed that while political means are used to control it. Gossip and corruption are at the heart of this organization and Sportsmanship is the facade they hide behind while they fail to demonstrate it beyond comprehension. There are so many other ways where kids can learn to play baseball at a higher level than there like travel ball teams without the misery of this league to the kids and parents and they will have a lot more fun doing it.

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