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Yeggmen make off with loot

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One hundred years ago today, the talk around Hillsborough (or Hillsboro back then) was all about the recent bank heist. The Mebane Leader reported on the work of the yeggmen, a word I'd never heard, meaning a safecracker or burglar.
Vault Blown open By Powerful Explosive and all the Cash Taken— No Clue to Robbers. 
Hillsboro became feverish with excitement last Friday morning when it was known that some time during the night safe crackers had blown the vaults of the Bank of Orange with nitroglycerin and gotten away with something like $5,000 in cash, all they had on hand with the exception of some loose change which was left scattered over floor. The job clearly indicated the work of expert yeggmen, the doors of the large safe inside the vault also the door to the burglar chest being litterally blown to pieces so effectively had the powerful explosive used done its work. 
The burglars entered the bank by the front door. The tool house of the Southern Railway and a nearby blacksmith shop were drawn upon for picks, sledges and chisels but it now develops that these do not appear to have been used, the combination knobs to the doors being blown off and the nitroglycerine poured into the openings thus made. The bank was not even temporarily embarrassed by the robbery as the loss Is fully covered by insurance and a source of ready money supply was near at hand. In fact Cashier Collins and Bookkeeper Lockhart were the coolest men in the throng that gathered in the early morning to view the wreck and inquirer were informed that the bank would be open for business upon the stroke of 9 and the pay-rolls of the manufacturing plants furnished as usual. There is no definite clue as to the robbers. Three strange men with grips were seen to get off train No. 131, which arrived from Goldsboro at 8:30 but these have since been accounted for. Two umbrella menders who have been around town for some days are missing Saturday and suspicion naturally points to them but proof of their guilt is larking. The bank offers a reward of $200 for the apprehension of the guilty parties. -- The Mebane Leader 4/18/1912
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