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New Legislative Building was a shock to some

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As the Legislative Building prepared to host its first General Assembly fifty years ago, visitors and state officials marveled at the modernity of the new building's design.

Some people are going to be shocked by its appearance, but the $6 million State House will eventually be the show place of North Carolina, Secretary of State Thad Eure said.

"I think the building is very fine," Eure told a news conference. "But everybody won't feel that way."

Eure recalled that when the State build the ultra-modern arena at the State Fairgrounds, "it shocked some people. Now I don't know that anyone would want it to go."


"We're going to have more visitors than ever before to the Legislature," Eure said. Since 1840, the General Assembly has met in the capitol.

Some people who have gotten a sneak look at the building "are highly pleased. Some are shocked." Eure declared.

The five copper domes atop the structure tend to give it a Far East or Oriental appearance.

"I'm satisfied that legislative committees from the other states will be coming here to study our legislative facilities," Eure said. "It's the only one of its kind." -- The News & Observer 1/18/1963

Eure went on to remark on the office space available to the legislators, saying "It's almost unheard of that every member of the General Assembly has a separate office."

Private offices might be nice, but N&O writer Roy Parker Jr. light-heartedly suggested the lawmakers might make use of the building's tropical decor to avoid some of the stresses of the job.

If lobbyists come at them too strong, North Carolina legislators can hide in the Schefflera.

Irate constituents might be avoided by climbing the Florida Palms.

A good hiding place if a controversial roll call is coming might be in the Cibotium Fern.

Or, if the heat is really on, the magnificent Hawaiian Tree Fern offers a deep foliage that can be reached, however, only by swimming the shallow waters of the central rotunda pool. -- The News & Observer 1/16/1963

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