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NC State's first football game

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As college football heats up, we take a look back at early games played by UNC, Duke (then Trinity College) and NC State (then North Carolina College of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts). Researcher Brooke Cain retrieved stories about the weekend the Tennessee Volunteers met all three schools. 
After playing a game of football at Chapel Hill on Friday, November 3d, the Tennessee boys came to Durham on Saturday morning and have remained here, stopping at the college, since that time. They leave this morning for Wake Forest where they will play that team this morning. 
The Tennessee team is small in weight yet they play a plucky game of ball. They came here expecting to be beaten, but they were desirous of learning the game and of becoming acquainted with Carolina's colleges and University. 
The students of Trinity were struck with the appearance of their visitors. Their conduct was gentlemanly and their spirit after defeat was of such a nature as to excite admiration. Throughout the game the friendliest feelings existed. There was no contention regarding the rulings of both referee and umpire, as both gave entire satisfaction.
The game was interesting throughout. The Tennessee boys reached Trinity's 25 yard line one time only. At the end of 30 minutes the first half of the game was called according to a previous agreement between the captains, the score being 34 to nothing in favor of Trinity. Trinity began with the ball in the second half and made a touch-down in a minute and a half. In the second half they played only 25 minutes, stopping the game by mutual consent, the score being 70 to nothing.
Chapel Hill played the Tennessee boys on Friday and defeated them 60-0, playing the full 30 min. halves. Trinity run the score over Chapel Hill 10 points and played it in shorter time. It seems that Trinity is destined to lead in the State, and who can help it? -- News Observer Chronicle 11/7/1893
Tennessee met a similar fate when they played North Carolina A. and M.
The game started promptly at 4 o'clock. By mutual consent the halves were 30 minutes. Tennessee took the ball and started with a V gaining 10 yards. Barches made a very pretty run around left and gaining 25 yards. Then tried centre without gain. A. and M. took the ball and sent Pritchett around left end for 30 yards. Tried centre without result and ball went to Tennessee. Tennessee tried end rushes without gain and kicked. Ball passed over to A. and M.  A. and M. lost ball on foul play. Tennessee sent Fisher around left end but lost ball on the third down. Tennessee rushed the ball through centre and neared their goal line, tried centre for touch down and lost ball. This ended the first half. Score 0 to 0.
The second half went a little better for the home team, and the game ended with a 12 to 6 victory for A. and M.
The teams were pretty nearly matched and a very good game was played. This is the first time the college has ever played a regular college team and her hard fought for victory should be much appreciated by all. -- News Observer Chronicle 11/8/1893
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