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UNC faces more possible fines at Bingham Facility

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State regulators have hit UNC with a third violation notice at its animal research facility in rural Orange County.

The latest notice, dated April 28, cites the university for filling in small portions of wetland to build a gravel road and a pond to hold treated wastewater. 

It also cites the university for laying a utility line and rip rap in a stream without state approval and for including a wetlands area in a field where treated wastewater is sprayed.

In an e-mail to neighbors, assistant vice chancellor Dwayne Pinkney said the university reported the problems to the state after a recent survey found development at the site in 2008 had encroached into wetlands.

"The University was already working on a plan for amelioration before the [notice of violation] arrived,” he said.

UNC recently won $14.5 million in federal stimulus money to expand the facility to house dogs and hogs used in medical research.   

We'll have more on this story in Thursday's News & Observer. 



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I think

They should shut this wetlands-destroying facility down.

Sure, they do research that may save human lives, but what about the snails and fish?  Shouldn't humans die to save them?


And what about all the poor test animals??

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