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To protect and serve ... burgers and fries

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A man went to Wendy's for some late-night grub just before 2 a.m. on Tuesday. He was on foot and couldn't get into the restaurant because only the drive-through was open. "He asked if I would take his money and order his food in the drive-through," wrote Carrboro Police Officer L. Alvarez in an incident report. "I did, and he left the area without incident."


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Go ahead, walk through the drive-through

I've walked up to drive through windows plenty of times, mostly without a problem. I've even done it with BANK drive through windows. I've also done it on bikes. Lots of times.

Once in a while--not very often--somebody will say you can't walk through the drive through. Usually they are just wrong. Tell 'em you need to hear it from a manager.

People are driving less all the time. It's more and more socially acceptable to do this.

Urban Mojo

Wendy's defines the urban mojo that is the essence of Carrboro.

Drive-thru, walk up ...

Try it. You can walk up to a drive-thru window, Really.

To protect and serve ... burgers and fries

For once, a cop didn't question & harass someone & treat him as a possible criminal for no reason. If all cops were like Office Alvarez, we'd be much better off! Good for Officer Alvarez!

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