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Still seeking information about Atlas Fraley

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We at the N&O/Chapel Hill News are as frustrated as anyone at the lack of information explaining what happened to Atlas Fraley and why the adults charged with caring for him were not able to do just that. His head football coach Issac Marsh is not answering questions, Chapel Hill High School athletic director Ron Hayes is not returning phone calls, and Orange County EMS spokeswoman Dinah Jeffries has little to say, citing federal law protecting personal medical information.

Still, we're exploring every avenue we can think of to retrieve information.

We've submitted a public records request to Orange County seeking any documents and e-mails among town employees relative to the yet-unexplained death.

We've been interviewing his teammates and outside medical experts, but without knowing the cause of his death from the medical examiner, it's hard to know what to make of what we've learned. We do know that he chose not to eat breakfast before the scrimmage game on the morning of the day he died, and drank only water before and during the game and Gatorade after the game.

The release of Fraley's autopsy and the completion of investigations by the Board of Education, county Emergency Services and his family's lawyer should tell us a lot about why he died and whether anyone could have done anything to save his life. Until then, we don't have much to work with.


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I've been following your

I've been following your coverage of this story and applaud your efforts to make sure our community does everything it can to prevent such a tragedy from recurring. Anyone who's ever lost a child, family member, or friend, understands the need to make certain that everything that could have been done for Atlas Fraley, was. Your concern and those of others who are trying to find out why a boy who called for help died alone, is based in humanity, not greed. Thank you.

Maybe you should leave his

Maybe you should leave his teammates alone seeing as they have just lost one of their great friends. Interview teachers, coaches, administrators, fine. But maybe you should respect people's need to grieve and realize that your own greed for a story that will eventually come out is only hurting his friends and family. Yes, they want to know what happened, but i'm sure they want to know before everyone else does.

Interesting that you would

Interesting that you would assign an immoral motive -- "greed" -- to our efforts to uncover this story. Interesting because one of the last things in the world I want to do is interview a young man who just lost his friend. However, stories do not "eventually come out," especially not when public officials have good reason to hide them. They are revealed because a reporter asks the right questions. I would be relieved and happy to spend my time on more uplifting stories that don't require asking tough questions, if not for the crucial public policy issues involved in this story: protecting the health of student athletes; maintaining an effective EMS system; holding public employees accountable. There is too much at stake not to ask these questions.

Atlas Fraley

Thank you for keeping up the good work concerning Atlas Fraley's sudden and tragic death. My brother and I both graduated from CHHS in the 1980's, so I still feel connected to it all. While your team continues its investigation, please continue to keep Atlas' family in your prayers. This is a family's worst nightmare, and they need all the support our community can give them. Thanks, and God Bless.

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