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More from Tancredo speech

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A few ideas that didn't make it into the story on former Colorado congressman Tom Tancredo's speech at UNC-Chapel Hill on Monday:

Tancredo said America's younger generations don't appreciate the values their forbears built the nation on.

"We're not adding to that [cultural ]capital. We are merely spending it," he said. "Why we are not proud of who we are, I just don't know."

He compared Western academics to Muslim fundamentalists in their hatred of Western culture.

"Socialism does not tolerate a free marketplace of ideas," he said. "We cannot bequeath to our children and grandchildren our nanny-state-based societies."

In particular, Tancredo called for publicly funded vouchers for families to send their children to private schools and more government support for homeschooling.

"It is time for innovation and freedom of choice for K through 12 education," he said.

Invoking the recent death of Arizona rancher Robert Krentz, Tancredo advocated removing from office anyone in Washington D.C. who says America's borders are secure.

"Anyone in Congress who proposes an amnesty bill before we have secure borders ought to be forced from office and made to live in Cochise County, [Ariz.]" he said.

Tancredo celebrated the 2008 election of Barack Obama for galvanizing the conservative movement.

"He may be the best thing that ever happened to us. I thank God every day that John McCain wasn't elected," he said. "We would have been moving in the same direction that we have been moving for more than 50 years with an eight-year hiatus called Ronald Reagan."

Tancredo defended his statement at a Tea Party convention in Nashville earlier this year that illiterate people helped put Barack Obama in office and the U.S. ought to have civics and literacy tests as part of voter registration. He said liberals overreacted.

"I might as well have said, 'Well, go ahead and bomb Mecca,'" he said. "How many of our fellow citizens couldn't pass the test we give immigrants? And, by the way, it's not tough."

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