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Guess Lexus driver didn't have an ash tray

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Guess the driver of the Lexus RX 300 in front of me the other morning didn't have an ash tray.

Why else would she roll down her window and drop her cigarette butt on East Franklin Street in front of the Chapel Hill Museum?

(The average price of a 2009 Lexus RX 300, according to, is $40,298.)


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This guy def needs an ash

This guy def needs an ash tray. or a electronic cigarette one or the other.

They make inexpensive

They make inexpensive airtight ashtrays for cars that you can put in a cupholder or wherever is convenient if it's so important that you smoke in your car but you bought one without an ashtray or just don't want to use something built in.

There's no excuse for throwing anything out the window of a car. Especially, I might add, at night when the still lit butt tends to flare sparks along the dark road and make other motorists swerve.

Just another reason why

Just another reason why people should switch to the e-cigarette. There are no cigarette butts or ashes, and no second hand smoke. Itsa win-win-win. Save the environment, save the smoker, save the passer-by.

Johnny Blaze


No ashtray

They only put ashtrays in certain vehicles nowadays, however, that's no excuse!

Lexus RX300

my wife has one. There's an ashtray...

Cigarettes should be against the law!

I hate them!

I hate the smell!

I hate to see the butts littered all over sidewalks and streets!

I hate the way we make excuses for these litterbugs with yellow-nicotine-stained teeth!

Let's lock them up inside the Dental Faculty Practice lab!

Never to be seen again! 

While we're at it, let's

While we're at it, let's outlaw porn and alcohol!  Oh yeah, and anything else that you don't like!

 Get over yourself, please.

(and before you retort, I wish to make clear that I do not smoke)

Report them to the NC DOT Swat-a-Litterbug program!

The NC DOT has a Swat-a-Litterbug program where you can report such incidents. Check out the link at: Personally, I think that all litterbugs should be required to participate in an adopt-a-highway program as part of a mandated community service program to pick up the cigarette butts they so mindlessly and thoughtlessly toss from their car windows.

Lexus butt

If you wrote down her license plate number, you could report it on the NC DOT Litter Bug site. I do it all the time. May not do much to the offender, but it makes me feel better knowing I'm reporting those lazy people!


People don't want a butt collection in their car so they throw them out. Stop being such a whiney bitch.

Lexus Driver Cigarette Butt

Because although she has a fancy car she is still a piece of trash?

Lexus butt

She was making an ash of herself. Next time get her license plate number.

That's funny cause they

That's funny cause they really don't have an ashtray. Why would you want to stink up a perfectly good auto?

With all the anti-smoking

With all the anti-smoking activity out there, most cars don't have ashtrays anymore. Should she have eaten the burning butt?

Cigarette butt

the same selfishness that consumes smokers when they light up in public....outside OR inside......

just rude, selfishness for their little drug habit....

In NC, this is considered

In NC, this is considered littering and subject to a $1000 fine...if a police officer sees it. Short of that, citizens can report the offender's license plate here:

The (alleged) litterbug gets a letter that states NC's litter law, asks for forgiveness if this is wrong plate/address, and then lays a guilt trip on them about how NC pays millions of dollars ever year to clean up after these litter pigs...ummm... litter bugs.

Personally, I think convicted litterers should have to spend 40 hours picking up roadside trash.

today's blog by mark schultz

Did ya not have ANYTHING else to write about, or are you easily excited by stupid people?


the average smoker is a pig. Look at any's disgusting

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