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Outside dining at the Mecca

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Now usually, we're not in the business of reporting rumors, but this one comes from a highly reliable source: there were tables spotted outside the fabled Mecca restaurant in downtown Raleigh Friday afternoon. We checked with other long-time devotees of the Mecca and they had not heard of this before, either.

The Mecca is a gathering place for the Raleigh courthouse crowd, and the state Supreme Court (which we thought deserved a separate mention, being supreme and all). Former Gov. Jim Hunt usually comes by once a week when he's in town, sometimes in the company of former Chief Justice Burley Mitchell.  And politicians have long met at the Mecca to do a little deal-making. They like the upstairs, which provides privacy, not that these are secret deals or anything, of course. Perhaps now, they'll take advantage of the opportunity to sit outside, what with the need for open government and all.

The restaurant is also a favorite of The N&O, by the way. (I'm a chicken salad plate man myself, though the lasagna and cheesburger are favorites of colleagues.) I'm not sure we'll be able to adjust, either. We like downstairs because we can see everybody coming and going. Still, we must stand up for open reporting and opinionizing.

For a spring evening downtown, dining al fresco doesn't seem like a bad idea. One thing: we realize it may be al fredo, and we may have it spelled wrong, which usually happens when we try to bring out a highfalutin' vocabulary. 

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