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Cookies! Cookies! Get your McCrory cookie letters here!

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And the letters about Gov. Pat McCrory's gift of cookies to a group protesting the abortion bill outside the Governor's Mansion keep rolling in. Here's a look:

Gov. Pat McCrory’s offer of cookies to the protesters outside the mansion was shockingly condescending, but hardly surprising. After all the Republicans in state government care about only one thing: dough. Too bad their ideas are all half-baked.

Chuck Harner

If Gov. Pat McCrory really cared about women’s health, he would have handed out a basket of fruit instead of cookies to the woman who wanted to sit down and talk like adults about the abortion bill.

Katherine Holmes

I saw the July 31 photo of Gov. Pat McCrory handing a plate of cookies to opponents of the abortion bill. Cookies! Seriously? Cookies!

Is this the North Carolina version of “Let them eat cake?” Or, did McCrory think that the protesters across the street from the governor’s mansion were simply playing a game and needed a bit of halftime refreshment?

I have to assume that whoever came up with the “cookie idea,” whether it was McCrory or his staff, is completely clueless about the motivations of the protesters, and also that McCrory is completely clueless about how to connect with the protesters.

Could that be why he has not interacted with the “Moral Monday” crowds?

Sharon McDonald

I found Gov. Pat McCrory’s demeaning attempt at humor at the expense of women’s health appalling. He should talk to someone my age who, as a teenager in the 1960s, lived in a wealthy town in a state where abortion was illegal. I remember my mother’s married friends suddenly taking a weekend trip out of state in order to have safe abortions. Of course, you needed the financial means to do that.

Abortions will continue in this state and country no matter what barriers politicians put in place. The question is whether desperate women will die from botched illegal abortions. A plate of cookies is not what is needed. What is needed is respect for those who might disagree with the governor and his supporters.

Roz Savitt

The photo of Gov. Pat McCrory handing cookies to a pro choice demonstrator brought the following to mind. Historians tell us that in all likelihood Marie Antoinette did not say “let them eat cake.” However, in the summer of 2013, we have graphic representation of McCrory’s sentiments: let them eat cookies.

Sarah Warden

Governor McCrory's offer of chocolate chip cookies to women organizing to show support for health care choices for the women of North Carolina was a clueless, demeaning action. What will be his next offer of sustenance? Perhaps some sliced watermelon for the NAACP?

Mindy Oshrain, M.D.

Whether a Republican or Democrat, the people of NC should be outraged at the recent conduct of Gov. Pat McCrory. Taking out a plate of cookies to the women protesters showed his lack of concern and was very condescending. Would he have done the same thing if it were men out there protesting? Somehow I doubt it. And then later when his staff came outside with a plate of cake, it reminded me of Marie Antoinette when she said, "Let them eat cake." And we know how that ended. Gov. McCrory owes those people an apology. What he did was in very poor taste.

Patricia DeJesu


Your picture last week showing Thom Tillis posturing in a very Napoleonic like stance and then the picture of Governor McCrory offering cake ... I mean cookies ... to the protesters outside the Governor's Mansion makes one wonder whether the Republicans haven't taken on the mantle of the French aristocracy. Would someone please remind them that the democratic version of the French guillotine will be used when we go to the polls next year and reverse this current travesty of governance.

Wolfgang Jacob Friedrich

"Let them eat cake," an infamous quote erroneously attributed to Marie Antoinette, should be "Let them eat chocolate-chip cookies," and properly attributed to Gov. Pat McCrory. His presenting the woman protester a plate of cookies in the street fronting the mansion was not an altruistic gesture. It was in-your-face politicking.

Norman Robinson

If Gov.Pat McCrory actually wishes to serve North Carolina’s best interests, he’ll read James Protzman’s damning Point of View piece "From a beacon for businesses to a backwater," July 31, and take it as a wake-up call. He could even man up by contacting Mr. Protzman for a real give-and-take conversation.

But if McCrory’s idea of the best way to deal with those who differ from his own agenda is to push a plate of cookies at them in the middle of the street and then run away muttering “God bless you!” we really are lost.

Nancy Corson Carter, Ph.D.
Chapel Hill


Cookies? "God Bless You"? Please, was this really a governor or a high school prank? Can the governor of our great state not think of a better way to engage with those he was duly elected to govern? How offensive can he possibly be?

I offer a hearty "bless his heart" with comparably intense Southern sarcasm with which his little prank was intended. 3.5 more years of this, and possibly 7.5? Can our state survive with any degree of respect?

Norwood Stanley


A plate of cookies? We are not children. A cookie is not going to make us feel better. How telling of Pat McCrory's simplistic view of the rising tide that will continue to grow. We are women and men who will not back down, who will do all we can to bring out the vote in 2014 and reverse these immoral laws that have been created. After the 2014 election, McCrory and the legislature will need a plate of cookies.

Ingrid Lauenstein
Chapel Hill


Gov. McCrory's "let them eat cookies" antic displayed arrogance beyond description.

Scarlett Bryant

The photo of Governor McCrory handing cookies to a pro-choice demonstrator brought the following to mind. Historians tell us that in all likelihood Marie Antoinette did not say "let them it cake." However, in the summer of 2013, we have graphic representation of North Carolina's governor's sentiments: let them eat cookies...

Sarah Warden

If the arrogance behind the latest string of passed bills wasn’t blatant enough then, it certainly is now.

For starters, in regards to Governor McCrory’s unwillingness to meet with protesters of the now-signed into law anti-abortion bill and willingness to hand them cookies afterward is not merely absurd. It’s a further insult!

And speaking of insults – how many saw the CNN video of the Assembly members partying and celebrating the passage of bills that strip even more essential funds from NC education, place even more restrictions for a woman seeking an abortion, place even more restrictions on voting rights in place, and decrease the number of restrictions on gun carry in the state? And speaking of the latter, the idea that any gun-toter could get drunk and mad in a bar one night is terrifying. Never mind the fact that they are not supposed to drink and carry!

The cookies and the partying are tantamount to someone displaying the middle finger. And that “somebody” is McCrory and the General Assembly.

But their time is coming. They better celebrate now, because hopefully, they’ll be mourning come the 2014 election for their folly.

Preston Mackey

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