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Warm up the wit: Bears and bears and bears, oh my

A new McClatchy editorial cartoon caption-writing contest gets under way today. Have a look and then go here to enter.

And the winner is ...

Here's the winning entry from LYN5 in the McClatchy caption-writing contest using a cartoon by The N&O's Dwane Powell:


Dwane would also like to publicly recognize these runner-ups, for their creative entries ...

Shieldvulf: Come on, think! We know lots of old white people!
Shieldvulf: What would Jesus do?
Ezra1012: It's time to field dress it. I hear NRA members like their game warm.
Erik1112: We shoulda used sticky notes.
Gscullen: Maybe some lipstick?
Hwlabadie: USDA choice is about the only thing we have left.
Hwlabadie: Branding the donkey a socialist was a lot easier.
Moxie: Sure, we can try, but it's still going to be the same rump.

The many sides of Bowles

The situation involving former Gov. Mike Easley, wife Mary Easley, NCSU Provost Larry Nielsen, NCSU Trustees chairman McQueen Campbell, NCSU Chancellor James Oblinger and UNC System President Erskine Bowles has so many overlapping angles, opinion writers and drawers should have plenty of fodder for a while.

Here's a look at Charlotte Observer cartoonist Kevin Siers' take on the tangle. Following is N&O cartoonist Dwane Powell's toon from Sunday, May 17.

Giddy up and brand the GOP

The cartoon for the McClatchy caption-writing contest this month is from The N&O's own Dwane Powell. Go here to enter. Let's have a local winner!




News flash! Media critical of Democrats!

No free passes for President Obama, at least not from McClatchy editorial cartoonists. Here are a few taking Democrats to task:

Specters and other salient subjects

Arlen Specter's defection from the GOP gave McClatchy editorial cartoonists some fodder last week. The funniest one to me in this batch, however, is the Judge cartoon about the financial seminar, probably because I know several people who paid $100 for a multi-week seminar. To be fair, they're all raving about it.

Your chance on Cheney

The monthly McClatchy caption-writing contest features an editorial cartoon by Kevin Siers of The Charlotte Observer. Go here to enter the contest. The deadline is Sunday, May 3.



Tar Heels take over the world

First, here's the cartoon from Kevin Siers, the editorial cartoonist at The Charlotte Observer, marking UNC's NCAA championship. Second is the cartoon I found the funniest from the rest of the McClatchy artists last week. Look at them all at www.mcclatchydc.com/.



Friday night lights and laughs

This editorial cartoon by McClatchy artist Lee Judge just struck me as hilarious, but it has been a very long week, or two, or four. In case it has been for you, too, and you're as punchy as I am, enjoy.



GM becomes a GEM of a cartoon

Here are five editorial cartoons from the week by McClatchy cartoonists. Lee Judge offers up what a government-designed car might look like. Rex Babin also zings Obama with a GM cartoon. There's also a hard shot at the NRA.

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