Aug. 26, 2009: Memorial for Courtland Smith

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Over two hundred students, staff and friends attend a 45 minute memorial service for UNC junior and Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity president Courtland Smith, who was shot to death last Sunday by an Archdale police officer during a traffic stop in Randolph county.


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Remove this photo

why must you intrude on someone's suffering in this manner? I understand there is a story here, and you must pursue it, but do you have to be heartless at the same time? Please remove this photo.


It breaks my heart to look at these photos but it serves to intensify the desperate need for us to act on the over use of alcohol in university settings. We send our  young men off to a warzone of  fast living, alcohol, and a huge stress to succeed and be the best that they can be. Who in the university systems are reaching out to safeguard these young people  from the appalling overuse and availabilty of alcohol. A right of passage? I think not.  It is the moral responsibility of UNC to take immediate action to see that the children we send to them are protected not only when they walk in the dark on campus but when a blind eye is being turned to allow a socially accepted killer,alcohol ,into their frat houses and dorm rooms. How many of our children will you sacrifice? Isn't one too many?

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