A getaway cabin in the woods

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What do you do when you've bought a beautiful piece of wooded property, but aren't ready to built your dream house? You build a getaway cabin. That's what Bobby Moeller, left, 55, did. He and his son, Hank Moeller IV, 26, built the 16 ft x 18 ft cabin themselves.


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Great Job!

We were thrilled to see and read this article. We too built our own cabin. There is nothing like learning as you go and doing it as a family. The atmosphere is so different then any home I have ever lived in. This morning we sat in our kitchen and watched a group of six deer and 30 or so birds at feeders in the yard.
Thank you for a fabulous article. Congratulations to you and your family.


That is truly amazing. You live your dream. Your cabin is adorable. Cozy and looks so comfortable. Just nice to see that you can enjoy the good things in life without all the conveniences. That's what it's all about..getting back to nature!! Enjoy the "Good Life".

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