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Day two coverage

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Day two was full of fuzzy memories, but that didn't prevent some revelations from emerging about the campaign finance strategy of former Gov. Mike Easley's campaigns.

Here's the coverage from Wednesday's News & Observer.

Easley's campaign had a strategy to funnel contributions to the N.C. Democratic Party or outside organizations to avoid campaign finance limits.

For a guy who doesn't have to appear at the hearing, Ruffin Poole's name is coming up a lot. Witnesses have testified that Easley's aide was a go-to guy to get things done, such as a boat permit. Poole was a fixer for Easley.

Columnist Rob Christensen notes that "The lid of the state Capitol dome has been peeled back this week. The State Board of Elections has the crowbar and flashlight, and the political operatives are scurrying for cover."

News & Observer photojournalists Shawn Rocco and Chris Seward have produced a photo gallery from Tuesday's action.

Photojournalist Travis Long has produced a video clip in which developer Gary Allen can't remember very much about writing $50,000 checks.

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