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Make your Valentine's gift a hit through repurposing

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Are you still searching for that perfect Valentine's gift? Do you have something you've bought and want to give it a bit of a personal touch? Or are you searching for ideas using items already in your possession? Here are a few creative ideas for those wanting to recycle, reuse or repurpose items already found in their home.

Do you remember the days when you used to doodle crushes names in your notebook? Well, if you're lacking Valentine's Day wrapping paper, here's an idea on how to wrap your significant other's gift: Get a few sheets of notebook, copy or plain white wrapping paper, grab some crayons or markers and go to town like you were a love-struck kid again. Draw hearts with his or her name in it, and write special dates, phrases, words or nicknames that's significant between the two of you. Your loved one may be so impressed with how the present is wrapped, it might just offset how impersonal (or even lame) the gift may be.

Are you scrambling at the last minute but would prefer to do something heartfelt? Look around the house. Do you still have tickets from that awesome concert the two of you attended? How about the boarding passes from the first trip you took together? It may appear to be trash, but these are items that can become treasure.

If you took a recent trip together, you could very easily scrounge up (or buy) a plain frame with a wide edge. Go through the stack of ticket stubs, receipts, brochures and the like from your travels, and use the obvious pieces in a collage on the frame edge. Decoupage if you will, or just use household glue to affix the items to the frame. Print out your favorite photo of the two of you from your travels to showcase in the frame, and voilĂ  — an instant sentimental Valentine's gift.

If you don't have a photo from an event of special significance (such as your first movie or concert together) but still have the ticket stubs or receipts, you could very easily frame it with a heartfelt message of your lasting impression of the evening.

When you take a look around your home, keep your mind open to the possibilities. If your significant other still has some items he or she can't part with, this could be your way to repurpose or reuse whatever it is in an inventive way (as well as possibly decluttering your house). Remember, it's usually the little things that make a lasting impression and can make a Valentine's Day special.

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