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Target's in-store recycling program gets results

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Target launched its in-store recycling stations a year ago this month, and they have recently released the numbers from the first nine months of the program.

Here is what has been recycled from April to December 2010:

  • More than 170 million shopping bags, which is equivalent to more than 1800 tons. To put it visually, if each bag was laid end-to-end, it would stretch from Los Angeles to New York City more than 17 times.
  • More than 700 tons of bottles and cans. Approximately 1.4 million pounds (700 tons) of cans and bottles have been recycled, which is equivalent to more than 500 2010 Honda Civics.
  • Nearly two million units of small electronics, such as MP3 players and cell phones, which translates to about 90 units per store per month.

Target has recycling stations located at the front of each store to give its customers a convenient way to recycle aluminum, glass and plastic beverage containers, plastic bags, MP3 players, cell phones and ink cartridges.

To learn more about Target's commitment to the environment, visit Target's corporate social responsibility website.

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