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EPA approves higher level of ethanol in fuel for cars

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The Environmental Protection Agency announced Friday that it has approved higher levels of corn-based ethanol in fuel for cars manufactured in the last decade.

The EPA deemed 15 percent ethanol blended with gasoline is safe for cars and light-duty trucks manufactured between 2001 and 2006. The agency approved the same mix in October for vehicles manufactured since 2007.

The maximum blend for gasoline has been 10 percent ethanol.

Ethanol is popular in farm country because most of it comes from corn and other grains. It faces strong opposition, however, from the auto industry, environmentalists, cattle ranchers, food companies and a broad coalition of other groups, who say ethanol use makes animal feed more expensive, raises prices at the grocery store and tears up the land.

Source: The Associated Press


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Ethanol is a giant scam that

Ethanol is a giant scam that is costing Americans billions upon billions of dollars a year.

Even Al Gore of all people has done a 180 admits its a scam.

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