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Does this make me a grammarista?

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New words pop up all the time. They are a window into our culture and our times. Faith Dwight, the editor of Raleigh's skirt! magazine, sent me a news release she received that used the word recessionista. From the context of the release, I understood that a recessionista is a bargain hunter with style, a woman who wants to remain fashionable and well-groomed for less money in these tough economic times. It derives from fashionista, a word spawned in the 1990s to describe a person who is obsessively interested in fashion. 

I checked our online archive and found recessionista in three stories since December. That led me to broaden my search. This Reuters report sent me to the Global Language Monitor, which listed recessionista a top 10 fashion buzz word. The Reuters report also referred to, written by Mary Hall, a fashionista who likes bargains. Word Spy has more references to recessionista. Wiktionary offers a definition and citations.

This 1999 New York Times article about fashionista quotes an editor of the Oxford English Dictionary. Eleanor Rand said, "Etymologically, the suffix '-ista' derives from Spanish and is cognate with the English suffix '-ist,' designating a devotee, adherent or practitioner of the noun to which it is affixed." The terms Sandinista and Peronista come to mind from politics in the Spanish speaking world.

The -ista could be considered a pejorative suffix, one that attaches a negative connotation to the root word, as this Wikipedia article explains. The Times article refers to the negative connotations of fashionista, but I do believe the word has undergone an image makeover. And I think many recessionistas would consider that newer term a compliment. 


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And So It Begins

And So It Begins

I think it's pretty cool

I think it's pretty cool when new words are "discovered" and become part of Webster's dictionary as well.

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Last week a Republican

Last week a Republican Congressman quoted from someone in the "Democrat Party" and was taken to task by Chris Matthews for not using the proper party name. The Democratic respondent forgave his colleague and said "I have many Republicanista friends." Clever, I thought!

Re: Republicanista

That's funny.

Pam Nelson

Triangle Grammar Guide 

Grammarista/ Recessionista

Hi Pam,

Thanks so much for mentioning the word Recessionista and my blog in the News and Observer. My parents, brother, sister, nieces and nephews live in Cary, NC and read the News & Observer. They were so excited to see this one. Thanks for the mention!

Mary Hall,  The Recessionista Blog

Re: Grammarista/Recessionista

You're welcome!

Pam Nelson

Triangle Grammar Guide 

Nothing pejorative to me

In fact, there were quite a few of us in 1992 wearing the saxophone lapel pins that identified us as Clintonistas. The pejorative aspect would come only from a user who says it with a curled lip about a behavior that he or she disapproves of. I personally think fashionistas are idiots, but the suffix doesn't make it so, my dislike of their priorities does.

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