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Win a copy of Thomas Keller's new cookbook

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OK folks, I'm doing it: giving away a copy of Thomas Keller's new cookbook, "Ad Hoc at Home." It has a small tear on the book jacket but I don't think a true Keller fan is going to turn up their nose at a free cookbook over that.

You have until noon, Friday, Feb. 19 to leave a comment at the bottom of THIS post to be entered for a chance to win. 

NOTE: Don't leave a comment at the bottom of one of my reminder posts because you won't be in the drawing to win. Only leave a comment at the bottom of this original post. 


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Ad Hoc At Home

Well, I like to cook on a "ad hoc" basis at home!! Though certainly not a gourmet cook, I do please the palates of friends and family. This book is desirable so that I can develop new ideas. Thanks Thomas Keller and the N&O for the chance to win!

Ad Hoc cookbook

pick me!


Count me in, thanks!

ad hoc at home

Keller encourages us to try in the kitchen. AD HOC AT HOME provides a tool to do this. Would love to have the book to help in the effort.

Yes, please!

I would love to win a copy of Ad Hoc At Home!

Keller's cooking ways

I read a review of this book in Esquire where the reviewer and his brother were trying to cook a meal from the new book and having Keller come over. Talk about stressful, but Keller seemed like such a relaxed REAL cook instead of some stuffy look down the nose type. Jumped in and helped and gave real tips on what to do if things do go a tad astray, the corn had been over salted so he suggested just putting it over the fish and not salting the fish as much to compensate,
Anyway I would love a copy of this book.

Great giveaway! I love

Great giveaway! I love cookbooks. Thanks!

Ad Hoc at Home

Would love to win this book. Thanks for the opportunity

Thomas Keller

My cookbook collections is crying for this one. Help a gal out. =)

All In

I've heard about the pork belly recipe, and I'd love to try it.

Please count me in for the drawing!

Thomas Keller

Just got a copy of the French Laundry cookbook - would love the Ad Hoc!!!!

Ad hoc Cookbook

I would love this cookbook!

cookbook give away

count me in please

Thomas Keller Cookbook

I would LOVE to add this to my cookbook library!! I've heard his chocolate brownies are fabulous. Thanks for the chance to win!!

Thanks for the Ad Hoc contest!

And, thanks for the chance to win, Andrea! If all the recipes are like his Fried Chicken recipe shown on, then this is one killer cookbook...

Cookbook giveaway

I wonder if it has my recipe for boiled Poptarts in it? Now can you see why I need to win this book?

Win a copy of Thomas Keller's new cookbook

Tear? Never look a gift hog in the mouth!


Okay, I could deal with a little tear in the cover. I would like to be entered to win this cookbook.


Count me in!

French Laundry story

My wife and I visited the French Laundry in 2004. Our first getaway after our youngest child was born in 2000. I booked on the exact day in advance that you could book and was excited for several months leading up to it. We stayed at Auberge Du Soleil and the day of our dinner I wake up with fever and chills feeling awful. I suffer through the day, visit a local Dr. in Napa, and get to the French Laundry. I have about 5 layers of clothing on trying to keep warm, but the chills are so bad my teeth are chattering in the restaurant. I make it the through the first course. The wonderful wait staff ask me several times if I am okay. I give it one more course and I can't go any further. My wife explains to the manager that I have pneumonia, but since I travelled from Raleigh I insisted on keeping my reservation. The manager comes over, gives me two signed menus, and says that they meal is on them and sends me back to the hotel. I have never had the opportunity to return, however, my wife and I visited Per Se in New York over Thanksgiving and it is fantastic. Someday I hope to make it back and have a full dining experience at the French Laundry. Until that happens I'd love a copy of the cookbook....maybe I can create a small sample of what I missed. Thanks.

Thomas Keller Cookbook Giveaway

Cold winter days, a Thomas Keller cookbook to read, who cares about a small tear on the book jacket?  Count me in for a chance to win and relax!

Ad Hoc

Wow! What an opportunity! Count me in!

I'm in!

My husband and I would love to add this to our Thomas Keller cookbook library. He bought it for a friend and was drooling over it. One of our goals is score reservations at as many Keller restaurants as we can in Yanceyville then head out for a gastronomic treat!

I'd love to win...

a copy of Keller's book! Thanks for offering me the chance!

Me too

Me too

Ad Hoc at Home Thomas Keller Cookbook

Ad Hoc at Home. Wow, to be able to have this restaurant food in your home. What a wonderful way to spend an evening with your family. Enjoying cooking and eating with fun and laughter.

ad hoc = oh yes

would love this book!
Made the blowtorch prime rib for Christmas - amazing!

Thomas Keller cookbook

How super of you to give away Thomas Keller's , "ad hoc at home" , just because it has a torn corner! How great for us! Thanks, Mary Vaughn

Pick me!

I'd love a copy of this. Have read some great things about it.

Ad Hoc cookbook giveaway

This cookbook is a work of art. I have already made several recipes from it, due to a another blog that I follow. I would love to add this to my collection.
Celesta Carlson
North Raleigh


I've been dying to give this a read!

It would be nice

... to win this great book! Thanks for giving it away.


I'd love to win a copy of this.

And the winner is...

Would love to add to my bookshelf!

Ad Hoc

Sounds like a great cookbook - throwing my hat into the ring! :)


Thomas Keller

I love how particular and exact he is in his recipes and directions. I currently have his book checked out and love it.

so do I. I absolutely love

so do I. I absolutely love it.


Thomas Keller

The man is thought of as a culinary god and this book from the restaurant of the same name would be great for a growing collection!

I need another cookbook...

NOT! But I sure would love to have this one!


Thanks for the opportunity!

Cook Book

I love all the N&O Giveaways - you guys are so much fun. Thank you!


ad hoc

I'm a chef, and i have all of kellers other books, it would be great to add another to my collection

Ad Hoc At Home

what more is there to say that hasn't already been said - what a great win this would be!

Thomas Keller Giveaway

I would love a copy of this cookbook by one America's greatest chefs.


would love to try these recipes out on Last Night's Dinner!

Thomas Keller

I'm a huge Keller fan. Would love to have the book!

I'll take it.

Seriously I will.

YEs! Yes! Yes!

Would love to have Ad Hoc At Home. Heard great things about the buttermilk fried chicken and the leek bread pudding.

New Cookbook : )

Yay!! I need a new cookbook. Don't care if there is a tear in it--as long as I can read the recipes. Hope to win!! : )


who wouldn't want to win a Keller book, tear and all!

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