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Vegan burrito sushi!

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photo courtey of julia simon

photo courtesy of julia simon

I ran across Julia Simon's blog, no face plate, last week while perusing one of my favorite food blogs, the kitchn, and found some really great vegan and vegetarian recipes.  Julia works as a personal chef in Charlotte doing gluten-free, vegetarian meal planning and prep and she is also working on a cookbook.  She is a vegetarian about eight months out of the year (due to her love of artisanal cheese) and chooses a vegan diet to cleanse the other four months out of the year.  Check out this super creative burrito sushi recipe Julia came up with.  Wow!

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About the blogger

Traditionally trained as a documentary news photographer, Juli Leonard took on the challenge of shooting food at The News & Observer around 2006. The lifelong picky eater and vegan will share tidbits and additional photos from her shoots about new finds out there for the vegetarian and vegan community. Her food vices include the vegan chocolate mousse at Whole Foods and the vegan stromboli at Lilly's Pizza.