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Reader Felice Bogus just shared a link to this Web site:

This is a treat for anyone who can't stand the Queen of Butter Paula  Deen. 


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I have to agree with the

I have to agree with the other poster. Why do you promote a site that enjoys bashing someone. Are you any better (or should I say butter)? Sounds like someone hates capitalism, and we all know who those people are!!!

Not everything on this blog

Not everything on this blog is going to appeal to everyone; much like not everything in the paper is going to appeal to everyone.

I'm actually a big fan of Paula Deen - love her show, love her personal story, respect her success. And I still found that Web site funny.




Maybe dissenters should wait..

until they make more money than Paula before bashing her. It comes across as pure envy with strong tints of green. While I may not like all her dishes, she has an entertaining show. She proves you don't have to be a snob to serve good food. ....yeah I realize snob's hate to see this. It takes away the only prop they had for thinking their food is better. If you can't have fun in the kitchen..why go there? Eat out!

You go Paula!.............Give me butter over super-chemical injected Pam any day!

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