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Fire Pit BBQ now open in Wake Forest

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Barbecue purists will want to take note that there's a new restaurant in Wake Forest cooking all its meat on wood: Fire Pit BBQ.

Owner Ted Patterson has spent 40 years working in construction. Two connections made him interested in opening a restaurant. First, he has designed and built many of Giorgios Bakastais' restaurants from Vita to Girasole and Gatehouse Tavern, which are right next door to Fire Pit BBQ in the Gateway Commons shopping center. Second, his next door neighbor is Keith Allen, the barbecue legend behind Allen & Son. They live on a hill surrounding by hickory trees.

Patterson describes his restaurant as "eclectic with a purity of intent." They only cook on wood, hickory and oak in fact. There is no gas line. "We're committed," he says.

They serve pulled pork, beef brisket, half or quarter chickens, housemade sausage and a St. Louis-style ribs. They are open 11 a.m.-9 p.m. Tuesdays-Sunday.

For more information, call 919-562-0020 or go to



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I live in Wake Forest. 

I live in Wake Forest.  went to Fire Pit last weekend.  I wasn't impressed...  It was ok.  Not very good service.  The menu had a barbecue sandwich listed & then sides next to it.  I wanted to order a sandwich & 2 sides.  I was told that I can only get a barbecue plate with 2 sides.  Really?  Either a sandwich and nothing with it, or a barbecue plate with the side dishes?  What?

So does McClatchy have stock

So does McClatchy have stock in this?


You McClatchy fanbois should just give it a rest.

Yeah, how dare a food blog

Yeah, how dare a food blog mention the opening of a new restaurant.  The nerve.

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