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Enter to win a coffee prize package

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If you had a chance to read my column today about my own coffee epiphany, then you likely came here to enter to win a coffee gift package.

Leave a comment below this post to win a bag of Counter Culture Coffee, a pour-over ceramic brewer and some filters. The deadline is Friday, Dec. 17. Good luck.


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the winner takes it all

this has been initially posted way back 2012. so hope winners name will also be listed here or if not, a link should be share.

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Counter Culture Coffee/Equipment Giveaway

Would love to give this to my coffee snob sister-in-law!


Love their coffee!!


Sounds interesting!


I'd love to enjoy this on my early morning nature watching times on my lake pier. That's when coffee's at its best...


brewing a cup tonite to add to my Tiramisu. Would be a treat to sample a new coffee!

coffee giveaway

A cup of coffee in the morning sets the day up right.

Would love to win this for my wife!

I buy a bag of counter culture coffee every two weeks, they are my favorite coffee roaster.  

Merry Coffee Christmas!

The Counter Culture prize package would be a great present under the tree for the Mrs.!  She can't go a day without [having me make her] coffee!

Free coffee is the best kind

Free coffee is the best kind of coffee and when it's counter culture, it's glorious!

Stocking stuffers

Holiday Blend going off today as Christmas presents to all my fiends and family.  Now if I can just get everyone to stop using electrical coffee makers.

My first great cup...

...was Counter Culture. Yum. Can't wait to start brewing it for myself....

Counter culture

They're the best! I hope I win!

Brew a better cup of coffee

Just like the coffee at WASP Automotive in Durham!

Ruth Stanton - N&O Subscriber (

Ceramic pour overs are the only way to enjoy CC coffee.

Whether youre a drip user,french press user, or perc user drinking a cup of any one of Counter Culture's veritals from a ceramic pour over takes that first mouthfull to a whole nutha level.

Good coffee in your cup ......

Nothing to start the day other than a great brew-over .......

Coffee? Yes Please!

I had to register and signup just for this contest! A chance to win some of the best coffee on the planet? Sign me up please!!

What a welcoming surprise-Great coffee

My son travels to NC from CA for the holidays. Since I am a drip, flavored coffee and creamer wonder, he not only brings his family but his coffee as well. It would be great to welcome him with a cup of freshly brewed gourmet coffee, tickle his palate and raise his eyebrows. He would then be able to take some home as a "NC treat" for friends and family in San Francisco. WOW!


Give up some vices - YES.  Give up 'cawfee?'  NEVER!  You would have to pry it from my cold dead hands.  When it comes to the almighty caffeine bean -- I say seize the day -- or at least your favorite slug outta the mug. :)

cc coffee givaway

love cc coffee, really makes a difference. good article. thank you. 

Yes Please

Coffee, the only way I survive my mornings =)

Coffee Pack

At this very moment I am reading warm, inviting Mouthful while my husband is driving us through 21-degree weather through snow-covered plains enroute to St. Paul, MN for a nephew's commencement. A perfect hot cup of coffee would be SO welcome. But thanks for the excellent blog.

Wow. What a dedicated reader!

Wow. What a dedicated reader!

Brewing Better Coffee

I would love to win this and show up to sit down to a great cup of coffee with Grandma Dell.  Thank you for hosting the giveaway.


Boy I would love to have a good cup of coffee

Back growing up my first taste was instant coffee with mucho cream and sugar to offset the nastiness. Then in college, it was cafeteria coffee- yuck - like they reheat it over and over again. Then went to work, machines from coffee was truly yucky but for me I thought it tasted good - Now it was not until I took a trip to Hawaii and had a cup of Kona and that was heavenly. So til this day I am still searching for a way to have that cup of heavenly coffee at home and not just keep going to the coffee house. So if I get this, I will put it to good use.

I love your posting of foods and the such


Coffee Prize

I discovered local roast coffee many years ago while living in VA. Mill Mountain Coffee opened and I was hooked. Love going in a coffee shop on roasting day. Glad the triangle has several roasting options available. Would so enjoy the coffee prize pack.

Support your local independent coffee houses!!!

Haaaa I had to laugh at your Eight O'Clock coffee reference which would be fine if you were anywhere north of 65 years old. Might as well by-pass the coffee brewing and go with hot water over Sanka method. As for discovering "real" coffee, welcome to the dark side. One of the best things I do on vacation is seek out a local coffee joints for a tasting. My suggestion for a future article/blog is to visit and list the many independent coffee shops/roasters in the triangle area to let folks know where they can enjoy the nectar of the gods!

Read more here:


I had saved your article to show my son, who is a lover of good coffee. I read it to him one morning while he was brewing some and he smiled and said that that was the brand he was using. He had ordered some and said that it was supposed to be the best. I had never heard of the pour-over brewing method. I would love to give this gift to my connoisseur son! Wouldn't he think his mom was great!

I Love Coffee!!

I love a great cup of coffee. I also know just who I could give this great coffee gift to.

We need better coffee

Our coffee hasn't been very good lately.  Would love to try this new method

Coffee Giveaway

I would love to try this brewing method and suprise my hubby who loves his coffee!  Thank you for the opportunity


coffee is my passion -love to try this

I need COFFEE!!

I love trying new coffees but unless I am really jonesing then I don't want to pay for those fancy-pants over-priced Star...well, you know what I mean.  Would love to win!

You sound just like my Father...

...who happens to be a great guy! He, too, refuses to spend the big bucks on the "fancy" coffee and instead settles for whatever brand is cheapest. This usually this means he walks in the door from Sam's Club with a years supply of Eight O'Clock. He never complains, but then maybe he doesn't know any different? I'm intrigued by your article and would love to treat my Father to the cup of joe he deserves! For too long he has suffered in the name of saving a few dollars. There are better beans out there!! Thanks for this article, and Merry Christmas! 

Gift of Coffee

I would love to try this coffee and brewer. Please pick me!

freshly roasted coffee

I find that recent roasting dates greatly enhance coffee and make it "good."

Another advantage of Pour-over brewers!

The article does a great job of explaining the use of the pour-over brewer.  Another great reason to have one in the house is that during hurricane season you are not at the mercy of a traditional coffee maker when power goes out.  (Managing to heat the water might be a challenge, but if you have a camping stove that can be overcome.)


My husband loves coffee.


My entire family enjoys coffee morning, noon and night. Lucky genetics I guess-- doesn't keep us up! Someone at the dinner table last night said the latest word is that coffee helps prevent cancer-- one can hope.

coffee package

I love Counter Culture coffee - please pick me!

Counter Culture coffee

Enjoyed your article.  The older I get, the darker brew I select--think I'm craving fresher and richer.  This sounds bettter than the big red can; would love to try it!


I don't drink coffee but love the way it smells.  My husband on the other hand lovers his coffee!

Love the smell

My wife loves coffee but I don't drink it.  Fortunately for us I do like the smell of coffee.  She would love to try out this coffee.

Counter Culture Coffee

Glad you finally got to try some really good coffee brewed in a wonderful way.  Would love to have this brewer set for a holiday gift for my son. 


Oh take me back!  I had this back in the 70's! ( I actually have a single serve Melita cone system.)  Fresh local coffee (we are lucky to have several in the area) using a simple method rocks!  Going to watch the video now.  Thank you Andrea.


Pick me!

Love coffee!

Been wanting to try theirs. Thanks!

New mom, no time, no

New mom, no time, no energy...NEED COFFEE! ;)

far better cup

I have lived in Korea for the past 15 years where the coffee of choice is the instant mix packets that come in stick form. No grinding, no measuring, just pour hot water and stir. Convenient and inexpensive, Korea estimates that instant coffee mixes dominate about 90% of the domestic coffee market. Although regular, brewed coffee is making inroads, people still prefer instant. Not, I am certain, because of the overly-sweet, less than robust taste; however, because of the ease, speed, and cost of these mixes. It will take a huge effort in terms of making good, whole bean coffees more desirable by making it  more cost and time efficient because unfortunately, for the majority, these are what matters most.


I can't think of anything better than coffee in the morning (or almost any other time!)  It would be fun to try this method of brewing.  Thanks for the info.

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