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Canes photo gallery

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Kevin Keister, our sports photo editor, and Rachel Carter, our sports producer for online, have collaborated to create a useful photo gallery of Canes players. If you are coming late to the Hurricanes' playoff party, this is a good way to become familiar with the players.

The pictures are game shots of the players. Kevin added in a photo of what each player looks like when they aren't wearing their helmets or goalie masks and when they were smiling for the camera as opposed to slamming an opponent into the boards and the like. You forget, when you see them on the ice, how young these guys look.

Kevin and Rachel put this gallery together over the weekend, in the aftermath of the Canes' Game 7 victory over the Boston Bruins. We wanted to have it up today, before the Canes play Pittsburgh in the first game of the Eastern Conference finals tonight.

This was a tight window, made even tighter because we wanted to be able to promote it on the front of the special Hurricanes section wrapped around Sports. Once we knew that the photo gallery was going to be ready, Jessaca Giglio, our Sports designer, was able to get the promo onto the front of the wrap.

The Canes wrap came together largely through the hustle of writers Chip Alexander, Luke DeCock and J.P. Giglio, (Jess's husband, btw). And a lot of work by the copy editors in Sports last night - Teri Boggess, Kip Coons, Mike Farrell, and Bill Woodward. You don't see the names of the copy editors and designers, but you see their work every day, and nothing happens without them.




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Quiet Flows the Dan

One of the great poems in the 20th Century Russian literature was "Quiet Flows the Don," the Don being a river in the Russian homeland. Now let us tip our hats to those guys named Dan for The Boston Globe and The News & Observer who have vigorously defending their territories and sought to chronicle in an honest way the vicissitudes of hockey in the Stanley Cup playoffs. As for the Canes-Bruins series, it is now completed, so we can simply sigh:

 "Quiet Flows the Dan," or perhaps, "Quiet Flow the Dans." If the hockey players themselves can maintain the honorable tradition of shaking hands afetr the final game of each Stanley Cup series, then surely newspaper columnists and editors and do the same. If not, we will just honor the Dan River in Southside Virginia with the appellation: "Quiet Flows the Dan."

    Meanwhile, let's be good winners in Raleigh as long as the team continues to advance through the playoffs, being charitable and generous to critics and commentators alike in other regions of the country. Who knows, maybe someone in Beantown will pull for our Hurricanes against the vaunted Penguins of Pittsburgh.

   David McKnight

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