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East Wake High School audits

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I've poured through the audits of the four schools at East Wake High which were done in part to see if the schools will continue.

The audits made observations that principals have taken to heart. And they were working on some of the recommendations long before audits pointed out their challenges.

According to Eastern District Superintendent Danny Barnes, audits are done to assess the alignment of written curriculum, taught curriculum and the tested curriculum. Closer alignment means  higher student achievement, Barnes said.

He also said some data already shows student academic growth.

If the audits are helpful, they are worth it. And according to discussions I had with principals, they seem to think they are.

Most of the audits were essentially positive except for the School of Integrated Technology's. It said teachers openly express low expectations for students and that evaluators were unable to determine in some classes what students were expected to learn.

Those are tough words. A parent I spoke with whose son attends the School of Technology was concerned, but surprised. She spoke highly of his teachers, and noted that the indictment couldn't be the case for all.




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Can you provide links to the

Can you provide links to the audits?  Thanks.

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