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Think Duke is familiar with bubble screens?

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Conner Vernon has broken a few tackles off of bubble screens this year. Credit: CHUCK LIDDY

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C.—It was a question that would cause many Duke fans pause and maybe even make some sort of audible noise. 

"Has Duke faced a lot of the bubble screen, jail break screen stuff?"

This was posed to Wake Forest coach Jim Grobe during his weekly sitdown with the print media. He had an immediate answer.

"Yeah, against themselves," he said. "They do it, a lot of bubble screens. They’re doing it with (Jamison) Crowder, (Conner) Vernon and all those guys. They do the same kind of stuff. A little bit of bubble, a little bit of rocket, slip, all those kinds of things. They like to get the ball on the perimeter. It’s something they’re pretty familiar with."

If you watched or read anything about the Stanford game, you'd know that Duke, does, in fact, like to throw bubble screen passes. The Blue Devils threw 13 bubble screen, swing-type passes in the first half against Stanford, with only two going for more than five yards. This was not pleasing to some members of the Duke faithful, including 2011 graduate and current St. Louis Ram, Matt Daniels:

@gcake_shawty: One bubble screen away from throwing my iPad out the window (11:43 p.m., Sept. 8)

@gcake_shawty: And there goes my ipad (11:46 p.m., Sept. 8)

Fortunately for windows in the vicinity of Daniels's iPad, Duke has run fewer bubble screens in wins against NC Central and Memphis. Tune in Saturday at 12:30 p.m. to see how the Duke defense fairs against what should be a familiar offensive attack. 

P.S. If you want to see how a bubble screen is supposed to work, check out the video below, when then-No. 9 Oregon steamrolled No. 4 Stanford 52-31 in 2010:

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Laura Keeley is the Duke beat writer for the News & Observer. Follow her on Twitter @laurakeeley