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Duke vs. Michigan State: social media style

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Everybody hates Duke.

At least that's what many media outlets will lead you to believe.

There are, undoubtably, people, many people, that root against Duke. On the flip side, though, there are a lot of people that like Duke and even root for Duke. One way to count that is through social media.

The good folks at Facebook sent me two maps: one judging the rooting interest of people around the country for the Duke vs. Michigan State matchup, based off of Facebook status and likes, and the other doing to the same for all the Sweet 16 teams. Here are the maps: I won't insult your intelligence by analyzing the obvious:

One note though: Do looks at the impact snow birds and retirees have on the fan bases in Florida and Arizona.

Last week, Mike Krzyzewski was asked about San Diego State playing the "villain" in the matchup with Florida Gulf Coast. The reporter asked Krzyzewski what advice he would give San Diego State, since, you know, Duke is used to having most people root against them.

"Do you realize I think that's a misconception that's out there with the press," Krzyzewski said. "If you would look at like Facebook and stuff like that, you would see in counties across the country, before this tournament people were asked who do you like and whatever, and we have more counties than anybody."

The guy kept going.

"I think it's probably one of those things like the Yankees where—"

"It's how it's written about," Krzyzewski said, cutting him off. "I don't know how the Yankees are. I don't coach the Yankees. We're not the Yankees. (Seth) Curry doesn't come back every year. We still don't have (J.J.) Redick. Christian Laettner left a long time ago. If he was Mariano Rivera we'd still have Laettner. It's not the same. We have a different Duke team every time.

Did I make you forget your question?"

"No," the reporter said, pressing right along. "Any advice to pass on to a team that suddenly has probably 99 percent of the country rooting against them?"

"No, I think that's a—Mason Plumlee said a really good thing to our team this week, and that is it's the five guys against the five guys on the court, whether we have a crowd with us or against us or whatever, you do that.

And sometimes when you have everybody rooting for you, it puts pressure on you, you know, and so there are a lot of story lines in the tournament and how you handle success, how you handle the team that you didn't expect to play and all those things and how the psychological aspects of how you do that really determine how far you go in the tournament."

So, there's that. People will always write about how much people hate Duke because it's easy, like all stereotypes. But there are quite a few Blue Devils fans out there, too.

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guest post

Social media network is very useful for communication.this is the main part of getting information from one way to another ways .

Rooting interest

In the first graphic could be "for" or "against". ;-)

Silent Majority

I would've loved to have seen how this study was conducted. As a Blue Devil fan, I can assure most that a lot of these states (Virginia, for instance) are not Blue Devil centric even with the schools remaining. Have attended many tourneys where Duke is the favorite outside of NC and I would've loved to know where these fans were located !

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