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Time to fast

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Tahira Nyabinghi writes: I have decided that it is time to do a short fast to get myself re-motivated again.  Now, I do have fasting experience so I am not jumping into anything willy-nilly but a fasting buddy would be a great asset for me right now. I am holding steady at 200 lbs. And can envision 110 lbs in my future. 

I have visited the gym and have worked out a schedule of when to workout.  I may even have an activity partner join me in the late evening.  ocusing is my biggest priority right now.  I am not sure about tomorrow but I have also decided I cannot worry about something that is going to occur, I need to leave my emotions and energy in the present, the here and now.  I know that each step, each fall back, each small victory brings me closer to my goal.  Not just changing my eating but changing my lifestyle, how I view the world and ultimately, how I handle myself. 

In this new era, I need to learn how to take time each day for me. Carving out my day around my family has been transforming and I know by the end of the year, things will be different.

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