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Should I get a gastric bypass?

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Muriel Watson writes: Today starts a new week for most, myself included.  I had a good week last week, losing another 1.7 pounds!  That now brings my total for this year to 28.4 pounds.  I am actually surprised with any weight lost this past week, considering I haven't been to the gym since Saturday, a week ago.  I am planning on going back to the gym tomorrow.  This week will be a struggle with making it to the gym.  I have inventory at work this week and that always means long hours of counting.  I will just have to make it happen!

I have been thinking a lot about my weight lost.  I have been trying to understand why I was able to lose over 100 pounds last year, what seemed to be rather easily, yet this year I have struggled to lose 30 pounds?  If I am honest with myself, I know that I have not tried as hard as I did last year, spending literally every day in the gym, sometimes 5-6 hours at a time.  This year it has been a struggle to get to the gym 3 days a week, to say the least.  I do understand that since I lost that amount of weight last year, my next goals would not be as easy to reach, but I had no idea just how hard it would be! 
That leads me to an idea that has been laying hard on my heart for the past few weeks.  Gastric Bypass surgery.  I have researched this on and off for years.  I know people whom have had success with it and some not so fortunate.  Even though I have heard horror stories of complications from this major surgery, I have heard of more success stories with great outcomes from the weight lost.  I am planning on attending one of the information seminars coming up to try to learn more about it.  That is where I need your help.  I was really hoping that you could give me your opinions on this surgery and if you have had it.  How did it work for you?  Did you have any complications or issues?  How long were you out of work?  Also, which surgery did you have?  I am researching the Gastric Bypass versus the Lap Band surgery to decide which would be better for me, with less complications.  Any advice or information you could provide would be awesome and so very appreciated. 
Thank you for once again spending time out of your busy day with me.  Have a great week!  God Bless!


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Please get in touch with me

Please get in touch with me off record to talk about possible other choices. I had good results with Take Form For Lifestyle, the same system that Carole Burns (with the Information and Observer) used, and am a wellness and fitness trainer for the organization now. I am assisting individuals in this place modify their lifestyles. I stay regionally and may be able to help you.........



gastric bypass

i had my rouen-y gastric bypass in june of 2002 [9 years ago] at duke. had the surgery on friday afternoon, and went home on monday problems in hospital . i took off 6 weeks from work because i could..[i walk and stand a lot.] they predicted i would lose 120 lbs. of the 285 i was carrying..i lost 155, and have since put back about 10 lbs.[not a problem, my dr. said i was too thin...funny, huh?].i went from growning out of a size 22-24, to a size 6 [and let me tell you, i wasn't a size 6 when i WAS 6!] at this point, i can honestly say it was the best thing i ever did for me [other than quitting smoking, but that's another story].. i lost about 5 lbs/ week,steadily, and have kept it off .would i do it again? in a heartbeat! have i ever regretted it? never for one second.. have i ever wished i could eat more?   well, there aewellr ..well, there are those cheddar cheese biscuits at red lobster...there are many who think this is the answer to all of their is is a wonderful tool, but it has to be used as it was intended to be .after all, you can't use a hammer to water the garden, can you? you can't decide that this surgery will let you eat constantly, and still lose weight either. i can honestly say i am never physically hungry ,and that's hard for regular folks [as opposed to us rny's], to understand..i eat whatever i want, just in small amounts..there are a few things that don't agree with,rice other than in tiny amounts doesn't sit well..but  i'm ok with that..i take  vitamins, and calcium, but that's a small price to pay .. go to the seminar, and then figure out if it's for are the only one who can make that decision for yourself.


I had the sleeve on May 3rd.  Absolutely no pain.  In fact, I didnt think I had been operated on except for the small incisions.  I have loss 50 pounds so far.  It is marvelous.  I am never that hungry and have to force myself to eat sometimes.  I can eat anything, but only 1/2 cup at the time.  The sleeve involves most of your stomach being removed except for about 12%.  There is no dumping with this surgery.  Malabsorption is not a big issue.  I would highly recommend it. 

Gastric bypass advocate


I had gastric bypass surgery eight months ago by Dr Enouchs at Bariatric Specialists and have lost 106 pounds so far. I am a 62 year old man and struggled with weight for all my adult life.  I was in the hospital for three days and the pain was well managed with medication.  At home I only took pain meds at night because it was uncomfortable to lie down for a while.  I am self employed so I eased back into work the next week. 

I have had almost no problems as result of the surgery other than an ulcer which healed quickly.  I take a chewable post bariatric vitamin hour times a day.  You have to monitor your diet to make sure you are getting enough daily protein which is a bit difficult since you can no longer eat large meals.  At first you feel as all you do is eat protein but as you can eat more you ease other food into your meals.

I admit I do not get enough exercise so I may not be protecting my muscle mass. That is a challenge!  But any form of exercise is easier now.

I stopped taking insulin almost right away. My cholesterol and triglycerides are normal and my blood pressure is finally under control with meds!

My starting weight was 332 and now I am at 226. Only 56 more pounds to meet my goal!  This surgery is the best health decision I have ever made.  Anyone who would like to contact me to discuss may send email:

before gastric bypass

It is interesting to read about peoples' experience with gastric bypass. The posts have a major idea in common, and that is the significant dietary changes that must occur post-surgery to stay healthy. You will be attempting to lose weight through mal-absorption, meaning your body will not absorb all of the nutrients, good and bad, from the food that you consume. I would suggest that you look into all options carefully prior to committing. Please contact me off list to discuss possible other options. I had great success with Take Shape For Life, the same program that Carole Miller (with the News and Observer) used, and am a health and wellness coach for the company now. I am helping people in this area change their lives. I live locally and may be able to help you.

My Weight Loss Journey

On October 23, 2003 I had the Biliopancreatic Diversion with the Duodenal Switch. My highest weight was 410 pounds. I had to lose 60 pounds to have my surgery because the tables used in the operating room had a weight limit of 350 pounds. For 2 months prior to surgery, I ate nothing but egg white omelets, drank flavored seltzer water and swam for an hour daily. By the end of the 2 months, I weighed 349 and could therefore have my surgery.

Side note: My father asked  how I was feeling after losing 60 pounds the way I did. I said I felt great! He asked, "Couldn't you just keep doing that until you finished your weight loss"? I said emphatically, "NO! The only reason I could do that for 2 months was that I knew I would NEVER have to diet again once I had my surgery".

I had to drive to VA for my surgery because, at that time, that particular type of surgery was not being performed in NC. Plus my surgeon was very experienced in the DS surgery and I felt confident in his abilities. I never worried about having complications or dying. Dr. Hazem Elariny had never lost a patient. (I have not followed his career so I don’t know what his statistics are since my surgery)

I went in with a positive attitude all the way! I never had any problems. It was the BEST thing I have ever done for myself and I could not recommend it more highly!! With this particular type of WLS (Weight Loss Surgery), the lost weight can NOT be regained. This was my reason for choosing DS surgery over all the rest.

PROS:  you can eat pretty much anything you want after surgery without regaining more than 10 pounds of the lost weight and that amount fluctuates. Many have been able to stop taking meds for high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. because they are so much healthier after losing lots of weight. You can eat fat because it is not absorbed.

CONS: Since the intestines are reconfigured, you must take 12 multivitamins daily for the rest of your life or you will develop osteoporosis. If you eat too much fat, it leaks out of your butt without warning but that is RARE. Carbs give you gas and the gas has a very strong aroma. Weight lost is 70% of your excess weight, not 100%. The cost, if your insurance company does not cover it and mine did NOT. Plastics also usually have to be paid by you.

As of this date I have lost 215 pounds. I have had the following plastic surgeries:  face, neck, upper eyelid lift, breast and arm reduction, 2 circumferential body lifts, 2 thigh lifts. Out of pocket expenses were $60,000.

I feel great, others tell me I look good and I have no desire to put myself through yoyo dieting again so I will be satisfied with maintaining my current weight. Someday, if I feel the need to weigh less, I will find a healthy plan and lose the weight but for now, I’m happy, healthy and living life the way I want! What are YOU waiting for?

You may email me at if you like.


gastric bypass surgery

I had gastric bypass surgery almost 11 months ago and have lost 95 lbs. I am very happy with my results as I did not try very hard to lose the weight. I walked a little, maybe once a week, but did not do any serious exercise. Also, I like my carbs and felt deprived without a little rice, pasta or potato. My doctor said I would lose more if I skipped them but I feel better with them. Mainly, I eat a lot less and am satisfied. I had my surgery at Nash General Hospital because insurance covered it there. Now Rex is a BCBS center of distinction and I could go there but that happened since my surgery. I found the Duke people very unfriendly with a don't call us message. Having surgery at a small hospital I got very personal care. I was out of work about seven work days but was pretty weak when I returned. I have a sedentary desk job so I could manage. After surgery you are on a liquid diet for about three weeks. After the first week my body got nauseated when I tried to drink so I almost became dehydrated. My doctor finally gave me some anti-nausea meds and things improved. I work with two ladies who had lap band and did not lose any weight. I would not consider lap band. I think gastric bypass is a better way to go with more of a guarantee of losing weight. You have to relearn how to eat...smaller bites and chew very well. The opening to your stomach is smaller and the food has to fit in or it comes back up. I eat a lot of bean and edamame soup. You have to eat lots of protein. I hope this helps.

I had surgery and don't regret it.

I had gastric bypass surgery in 2008.  I have never regretted it.  The only thing I do regret is not losing weight before having the surgery because the less you weigh before surgery, the more you lose after surgery.  Because I actually GAINED weight before surgery - thinking I would never be able to eat so-and-so again, I lost 120 lbs but still weighed well over 200 lbs.  One thing about gastric bypass surgery is that you are told over and over that it is a TOOL.  It is NOT a cure all.  I don't think you fully understand that until you go through the surgery.  The beginning is great because you lose weight so quickly because you can't physically eat large amount.  But, the farther out from surgery you are, the more you are able to eat.  Notice I said "able".  That is the key.  You have to stay away from those bad habits that got you to the size you are now.  That has been my downfall.  I had zero problems after surgery and can eat or drink anything I want.  I was able to do this 4 months after surgery.  I was happy about this but what I didn't realize is the problems it would cause me later.  By problems I mean habits.  I have slowly gotten back in the bad habits I used to have - eating when not hungry etc.  Although you can't eat as much AT ONE TIME after gastric bypass surgery, you can still eat several times a day.  And even if you are only eating one or two cookies, if you do it every hour, those things add up and you gain weight.  I have gained almost 40 lbs since surgery.  I swore this wouldn't happen to me but it has.  Now do I regret surgery?  Not at all.  There is no other plan I could have followed that would have kept 80 lbs off me for 3 years.  I just need to get disciplined again.  So prepare yourself.  If you have lost 100 lbs in the last year, then that shows you do already have discipline and will most likely be very successful with gastric bypass.  I think the less you have to lose the better gastric bypass is for you.  And I would recommend gastric bypass versus lapband.  You have too many choices with lapband.  You can chose not to get a "fill" (this is what the term is for tightening the band so you eat less).  If you don't get "fills" when you should, you can eat more.  Well that's what got me to this in the first place :)

Sorry, didn't mean to write a book.  Feel free to email me at if you want to discuss further.


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